Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hirano Aya in Malaysia

Aaya is in Malaysia to shoot her third DVD, and to do a photo shoot for the February issue of Seigura magazine.

Leaving Narita, she was approached by a reporter. "Hirano-san, Hirano-san, do you have any comment?" "No comment." This happens all the time, she said in her blog. (click images to enlarge)

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur late on Monday, her staff greeted her at the entrance to the hotel.

The view from her hotel window Monday night.

"Kebaya." She wore local dress. (Aaya wrote "kubaya," but I believe it should be "kebaya.")

"The real thing." People there said she looked cute in a veil. I think so, too.

She posed with the "Malaysian mother" who sold the dresses, and was a great help to them in the shooting. Aya said she was "so nice."

Her schedule was so tight that she had no time for shopping, and just had to escape for a brief dash through a mall.

She enjoyed Vietnamese pho for dinner, followed by durian, "the king of fruit," which she said she found delicious. But what is that alien thing in the durian? She found it weird, but she ate it anyway.

I'm not sure, but I haven't heard that Aaya has ever been to any countries other than Japan and the US. EDIT: As danie~ points out, she was also in Bali for her second photo collection.

Here are a couple more photos, from Dec. 31. She went for a massage and then had to rush to get to the shoot, Five people piled into a taxi, with four people -- not Aya, I don't think -- in the small back seat:

The hotel seems to her almost like a country estate, with trees growing around it:


Furuba said...


dingmajiao said...


she's in malaysia???

gosh.. time to go there..
wont cost me much..
nv in my life would i imagine her in a malaysian dress(forget the term)

Andrew said...

Heh, wonder if she'll come across any seiyuu bloggers there. Malaysia seems to be packed with them-JimOne, Kurogane, and Townberry are among the many that come to mind. I'd like to come visit myself someday. (The country, not the bloggers, unless I run into any or if they invite me into their homes. ;))

"Haruhi" in a burka--the idea sends some interesting messages there.

I'm not sure, but I think the Malay national dress is called a sari.

Hera said...

Sari is a traditional dress for the Indian.

Malay - Baju Kurung
Indian - Sari
Nyonya (Mix of Malay and Chinese) - Baju Kebaya
Chinese - Cheongsam

That's for female.

danie~ said...

She's in the same country with j1m0ne. That's sort of dangerous.

>> I'm not sure, but I haven't heard that Aaya has ever been to any countries other than Japan and the US.

If you have 1/19 bpm (I'm sure you have few copies), the first chapter was called BALLI, and I'm pretty sure it meant Indonesia's Bali island.

Kairu said...

No Aya Hirano in the Philippines?

Anonymous said...

Doubt I'm going to see Tamura Yukari or Horie Yui in Singapore anytime soon.

stewie said...

Wee... i guess i can brag that i've seen aya in person :D (AX 2007) SOS concert was grrrreat! (with some technical difficulties, but still)

linkinstreet said...

No wonder the smell of Otakuism is so strong just now D:
I am working in KL btw, and no wonder I saw someone just like her yesterday. Oh well, you guys can go to stalk her, I rather go home and sleep for the new year

peanutbutter003 said...

Wow, she's in KL!?!?!

hashi said...

@danie -- Whoops. I forgot. Indonesia's one more country. And she could easily have been to Korea or Taiwan in the past, even with her family, I imagine.

As for j1m0ne, I think she's nowhere near KL, so I feel safe, lol. She has a right to her opinion, in any case. I think she just doesn't find Aya as great a singer or seiyuu as her success would suggest. We differ, but that's normal for human beings.

@Kairu -- Maybe if she keeps making DVDs, it'll be the Philippines next, lol.

It sounds from Aya's blog as if New Year's Day is her last day there. I've added a couple of photos from the blog today.

Not Fair said...

omg, just saw this article now, but too bad im not in KL now, although I not going to find her anyway, but hope she has a good time in here.

animekritik said...

great blog!
quick question, by hirano's blog you're referring to her diary "ayadama" right??

townberry said...

@Andrew: Why me? Lol.

This short visit of Hirano Aya has definitely caused a big ruckus among otakus especially Malaysians. Last I heard, some even called the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. Oh dear...

hashi said...

@animekritik -- Yes, I just refer to all the seiyuu "blogs" and "diaries" generically as "blogs." It's "ayadama" I mean.

soulassassin547 said...

Aya Hirano in Manila sounds like a very long shot unless Animax SEA uses its horsepower to invite high-profile seiyuu like her to their organized conventions in Southeast Asian countries.

Or she decides to take a low-profile visit here and enjoy the vacation spots.

But I think I'd rather bet my left lung that Megumi Nakajima might visit the Philippines (and hopefully perform for local Macross fans) again, as her mother is born here.

Anonymous said...

omg..i'm ayadama but i duno aya is in my country..my bad..
how i wish i can meet her..

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Shinn-Destiny said...
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KimayaShinji said...

Hirano Aya.... erh..... I went to meet her...(autograph of course) too bad she went back to Japan already... when did she came...?

chew said...

you are so sweet

Anonymous said...

goddess aya :D~~

margafred said...

I'm so late in posting comments...its been half a year already since this was posted lol.

Anyway i think..that weird greeny thing she ate on that picture is what we called "cendol" which is abit like jelly.

Anonymous said...

wah! x sngke aya dtg malaysia!!! ala.. x sempat nk tengok dier...OMG terlepas la plak!!!!