Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hirano Aya -- Riot Tour DVD Release Date

We're going to have to wait over two months for the DVD of Hirano Aya's "Riot Tour." Release date is 25 February 2009.

Lawson's, the Japanese convenience store chain, has the DVD available for pre-order. Their version will include a signed photograph.

Cost of the DVD? ¥5000 (about US$50). This appears to be about normal for a concert DVD, depending on how long it turns out to be.

The DVD is expected to feature the Yokohama performance, the last stop on the four-concert tour.

And here are some recent pics from Aya's blog. She's eating a roasted sweet potato she bought on the street in Takenozuka, Tokyo. The belly-dancer pics are for a coming issue of Seigura (Seiyuu Grand Prix) magazine. The dog she's kissing (yecch!) is her dog Chibi-chan:


Kairu Ishimaru said...

Oh hey! Its Aya-chan! Licking her.. uhh dog?

oOgA said...

holy gawd! :o i bet many aya ppl are looking fwd to this. :D

Mr. Su said...

shokotan had a bad influence on her...

thenullset said...

Lawson's actually started out in Ohio. The American stores got bought out when I was kid and many of the stores ended up closing around where I live. I remember that they made very good chip dip.

Ken said...

I think the dog is licking her not the other way around.

hashi said...

@Mr. Su -- Dogs aside, Shouko-tan has indeed had a big influence on her. For good and bad, lol. I think Aaya admires her and is imitating her in many ways. For one thing, imitating the high photo:word ratio in Shouko-tan's blog (which suits me). I know Aaya is trying to work toward the kind of wide fame Shouko-tan has as a TV personality, singer, and sometime seiyuu. Except I think Aaya realizes that her seiyuu work is the basis of her career.

There are often comments on 2channel that Aya has few or no female seiyuu friends. I don't know if she sees Shouko-tan outside of professional contacts, but it's clear that the two of them like and admire each other and like to support each other's careers. I think they share a certain high level of ambition and effort.

@Ken -- And this is better how? Lol. I believe you're right. I don't think Aya's tongue is quite that long. There are a couple more photos on her blog. (click the "next" button at the bottom of the page to go back a page or two to find them)

By the way, I do understand that despite what they put in their mouths from time to time, a dog-bite is supposedly less likely to get infected than a human-bite.

Anonymous said...

but what is that puzzle on her blog and who is that other chick holding it?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- That is her hair and makeup person, Saaya, and the puzzle is a birthday gift for her: writing by Aya, colored by someone else -- and I think it's cut as a real puzzle, but I'm not sure.

The words at the top mean approximately "Wishing Saaya Great Success", and at the bottom is "Happy Birthday." I can't make out the smaller words in between, or the meaning of the words down the left-hand side.

According to a post on 2channel, her manager is Tomomi (29), her hair and makeup artist is Saaya-senpai, and her stylist is Hideo. Hideo is the only guy.

dingmajiao said...


about saaya's present
eh??? i thought she colored it herself..
since she posted her coloring set that she used as well???

as for the licking..
its the dog who did so..
and did so a lot of time..

and back to the dvd..
i've been waiting ever since i've got the news..
now to wait till yesasia have them..
wait... wait... wait... T_T

Furuba said...

geh, wish i could read jap, i would so order that pre-order DVD T___T SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH?! AHHHH!! HOSHIIIII

dingmajiao said...

btw.. i'm wondering..

i've asked about lawson from my japanese native teacher..
and she said that its only possible to buy it in japan..
not sure.. but it seems as if u need to be from japan to purchase it..

if i'm wrong pls tell me

hashi said...

@dingmajiao -- Yeah, I think it's in Japan only. I went through the order process, and you have to select a Lawson's to pick it up at.

I think you're right that Aaya colored the puzzle: I misread the blog.

And I think this isn't the first time Aaya has included photos of her dog kissing her.

dingmajiao said...

no choice but to wait for yesasia then..
unless u can get a native to buy it for u...
but gosh.. signed autograph.. i seriously want it.. T_T

hashi said...

@dingmajiao and Furuba -- Although the Lawson page says that there are limited numbers of their version of the DVD, I think the autograph is printed rather than hand-signed. Not sure.