Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kadowaki Mai Cosplaying on a Tank

Magical Marine Pixel Mari-tan is an educational comic similar to Moetan, teaching lessons using moe girls in the Japanese military (known euphemistically as the JSDF, "Japan Self-Defense Force"). The series features a lot of bad language, often beginning in "f" and including a "ck." (click images to enlarge)

On the drama CD, Kadowaki Mai plays the character Jeitan. She recently cosplayed Jeitan in a ride on a JSDF tank, at a military camp near Mount Fuji. More images and videos here.

Maita has long been one of my favorite seiyuu personalities. It's probably because of the thick glasses -- she has terrible eyesight. And because of the fact that she looks like a panda, and has made the panda her personal mascot.

She is a bit of a rocker, too. As well as being friends with others of my favorite seiyuus, including Koshimizu Ami and her gang. She and Itsuki Yui were there for Amisuke when she was going through a bad patch last spring.

Maita has a weak but moe voice that may only now be coming into its own, with roles such as Mimi in Kodomo no Jikan and Mayu in Ninomiya-kun. She was Souju in both Futakois, and Behoimi in Pani Poni Dash.

She is a good artist, and in fact graduated from an art college. She has a good website, and an active blog. She's 27.