Friday, August 08, 2008

Miyano Mamoru, Hirano Aya in Death Note TV Talk Show

NTV is rerunning Death Note (again) this month, and the series will end with a new special episode "L's Successor" Lを継ぐ者.

The reruns are at 2:55 weekday afternoons from last Monday to Friday 22 August, and the special will be at 9pm on the last day.

In Hirano Aya's blog, she says there will be a "talk show" component to the final program, hosted by Miyano Mamoru and herself. The photos were taken at the recording session for the talk show. In fact, the reason for this post is not actually the information, but the photo at right, lol. (click photo to enlarge)

They make quite a couple. The two most widely popular young idol seiyuu of the moment, I'd say. If they were standing, you would see that Mamo-chan is six feet tall (183cm), while Aaya is under 5'3" (159cm).

I hasten to add that they are not a couple, as far as I know. Although they do seem to be quite friendly, having worked together on both Death Note and Eyeshield 21.

I note that Mamo-chan's Hellcat Punks T-shirt reads "Do You Have God Rock Inside?" Aaya's most recent shirt said "Power is an Aphrodisiac." If they actually understand what their shirts say, maybe Mamo-chan and Aya have cultural differences, lol. Or maybe not.

In fact, the Hirano Aya x Taniyama Kishou rumors are running on 2channel again -- on no very good evidence except that she has said she likes men in suits, which he has worn for publicity, and who can run fast, which he did as a champion runner in high school. And an old blog post from an unidentified person who claims he saw them holding hands last year.

As far as I can see from the official site, Aya does not actually have a role in the new special. But she has publicity value, it appears.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tamura Yukari and Yahagi Sayuri Playing Games

Yahagi SayuriHere is a video from an Otogijushi Akazukin DVD of Tamura Yukari (who plays Akazukin) and Yahagi Sayuri (Gretel). They talk about their roles and play a funny little tabletop game.

Yukarin is oHagi's senpai at I"m Enterprises. They are two of the most talented voices in the industry, in my opinion. Yukarin is the consummate pro, and oHagi is getting there, with her wonderful juicy voice now under more and more control. I don't think of either of them as serious actresses, like a Sawashiro Miyuki or a Paku Romi, but for normal anime roles, they are both outstanding.

From her first role as Karin, I have simply loved oHagi. She is widely regarded as ugly, but really she is ugly-cute. She's a belle laide, as the French say (a beautiful ugly woman). That goes for Yukarin, too, in my opinion. I find oHagi utterly charming on radio and in videos like this. Natural, funny, and nice.

Yukarin (32) is best known for playing Nanoha, but she has had many other great roles, including Mai in Kanon, Sakura in DaCapo, and Rika in Higurashi.

-- video removed from YouTube --

oHagi (22) burst onto the scene at 19 with her wonderful voice as Karin in 2005, and now is getting constant work as a reliable second-line performer. She was outstanding doing the weepy voice of Kuu in Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky, and is now Haruna in ToLoveRu. She has the juiciest voice I know, although she appears to be trying to dry it out a bit so she can play more varied roles.

And I just found another hilarious little oHagi video, from her time on the Voice Crew radio show. She and her co-host test various drinks:

Just for good measure, here is a link to another video, of oHagi and Konishi Katsuyuki being interviewed about Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora.

In Hirano Aya news this week, Aaya visited both Hokkaido and Kyushu recently, promoting her album by visiting stores and doing mini-lives in Sapporo and Fukuoka. The album has been a commercial success, selling 31,862 copies in its first three weeks of release. It went from sixth for its first week, to #32 and then #52, but it is still selling: 2,994 copies in the third week.

Today's blog entry from Aaya says that they are now recording the final episodes of Daughter of Twenty-Faces. I have loved her work in that show, although I was not so happy with it in the most recent episode, ep15.