Thursday, September 18, 2008

2channel Still Crazy -- 30 Hirano Aya Threads in the top 60

I guess 2channel being crazy isn't news, but I've never seen anything like this: of the top 60 most recently active threads in the 2channel seiyuus forum, 30 are about Hirano Aya. Normally, each seiyuu has only one discussion thread.

And here I thought the madness was dying down. What makes it even stranger is that many of the threads seem to be pro-Aya. This doesn't mean she's the 2channelers' favorite -- or least favorite -- seiyuu, just that a lot of people are fascinated by her.

I don't mean to malign 2channelers in general. Most posts in most threads are sensible posts by knowledgeable otaku. Aya just seems to attract the crazies on both sides. Some posts are just swear words, and one guy posts "good night" to her every night. I've been reading the Sawashiro Miyuki thread recently, and it is a lot tamer. And less popular.

Some thread names with (thread count) and post count:
  • Hirano Aya antis = disgusting otaku lolicon virgins (1) 46
  • Is Hirano Aya really the best seiyuu for Haruhi? (1) 97
  • Hirano Aya has no boyfriend -- for sure (1) 102
  • Stop posting Hirano Aya threads in the baseball forum, Aya maniacs (1) 28
  • Is it true that Hirano Aya lies in her blog? (1) 161
  • Because there are too many anti-Hirano people, I have become her fan (1) 61
  • Strange ways of extending anti-Hirano threads (1) 27
  • Watching the Olympics with Hirano Aya-chan (1) 22
  • Tyranno-Aya (1) 154
  • Hirano antis are shitty pigs, for real, lol (1) 26
  • Aaya Onee-san (1) 16
  • I think Hirano Aya's live event was great (1) 96
  • Hirano Aya (20) has such small breasts that she shouldn't wear a bikini (1) 279
  • Thread for Hirano Aya fans and undecideds (antis and Aya maniacs not allowed) (1) 97
  • If Hirano Aya works at it, she could have sex (1) 112
  • Hirano Aya>>>>>>>Tamura Yukari>>>Mizuki Nana (1) 225
  • Anti- anti-Hirano Aya thread (1) 68
  • NHK recognizes Hirano Aya as tops in the seiyuu world (1) 183
  • There would be nothing better than Hirano Aya playing a madwoman (1) 110
  • Is Hirano Aya actually the most popular seiyuu? (1) 170
  • The number of people who just can't stop themselves from loving Hirano Aya is... (1) 20
  • Hirano Aya (145) 163 (the main thread, which is usually the only one)
  • Hirano Aya is a latter-day Matsuda Seiko (1) 71
  • Hirano Aya antis = virgin lolicon disgusting otaku idiots (1) 173
  • The deterioration of Hirano Aya (1) 89
  • Hirano Aya antis are just jealous (1) 179
  • Hirano Aya isn't a virgin (1) 201
  • Hirano Aya-san in a ren-ai game! (1) 93
  • Mizuki Nana completely loses to Hirano Aya (1) 613
  • Hirano Aya (125) 281 (an old orphaned thread that someone started using)
I think "Tyranno-Aya" is the most amusing thread title. I haven't sampled all these threads, but the ones you would expect to be stupid seem to be...stupid. If you can picture pro- and anti-Hirano forces posting mutual insults and unsupported claims, you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, here are some recent ones of Aya -- from her blog (click to enlarge):

1. at Ani-Summer live, waiting for the lift to take her up to the stage. The lift failed during rehearsal...but succeeded when it counted. She did two songs: Love Gun and Unnamed World.

2. At Animelo, after her set, with her band; "having worked so hard I look like an idiot;" and with May'N (who sings Sheryl's songs in Macross Frontier):

3. Snacking when there's no time for a meal (on a mugwort ohagi); with a gift from the mangaka of Zettai Karen Children; and on her way to the supermarket late at night:

4. The entire contents of Aya's bag, including the contents of her purse, and her scripts (click to enlarge):

With Zettai Karen Children, Nijuumensou no Musume, and Macross Frontier ending soon, Aya will be in three new shows starting in October. She is one of the four stars of the absurd comedy Hyakko (with Orikasa Fumiko, Neya Michiko, and Ochiai Yurika). She is a secondary character in the star-studded mecha show Linebarrels of Iron. And she and Kugimiya Rie star in the school romance Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka.