Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hirano Aya -- Semi-Secret Single

I've posted about Hirano Aya's new single 涙 NAMIDA ナミダ, written by famed Hello!Project producer Tsunku.

But she quietly released another single in late September that I enjoy more -- Mind Loop, a character CD single for the PS2 game Memories Off6 ~T-wave~. You can hear it on YouTube.

It's a simple, flowing melody that Aya sings with musicality and sweet melancholy. The lyrics speak of walking lost in a dark green forest from morning to night, hoping to see the one she loves. (Click images to enlarge.)

The music is by Mizuno Daisuke 水野大輔, with lyrics by Suzumori Yuuko 涼森有羽子.

I guess I have strange taste, but two character songs you can hear on YouTube are two of my favorite Hirano songs: one from Sumomo mo Momo mo where she sings jazz -- a kind of bluesy scat song -- and this one.

This doesn't count as a Hirano Aya single, since it is nominally by her character from the game, Hakosaki Chisa. No doubt it was just tossed off in a day or so, not worked on for weeks. But it's better music, for me, than the more intense major release.

You can buy the disk from Amazon Japan or CD Japan, among other places. You can download a promo movie for the game itself from the official site. The game can be found at Play-Asia. Other well-known seiyuu involved are Tanaka Rie, Gotou Yuuko, and Miyazaki Ui.