Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year from Hirano Aya

Happy New Year!

Please be good to me again this year.
This year looks as if it will be interesting, too, if I do say so myself.
I'm really excited (≧▼≦)
This year could be the best year yet. Enjoy it, everyone ☆
Just like last year!!

(from Aaya's blog -- click photo to enlarge)

She says she's spending some days at her family home, surrounded by relatives, eating traditional New Year's dishes. And sleeping in.

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dingmajiao said...

"This year could be the best year yet."

wow.. thats a big claim to me..

apart from concert dvd together with the photo shoot both releasing on feb, i cant really think of MUCH aya news that would get me flying for the year..
except for white album.. since i'm seriously hoping it turn out a BIG hit.. whether or not i turn out to be a battle between her and nana or not..

her claiming so however does get me going and i'm sure going to be looking forward to the 2009 in terms of aya-related news and stuff, hopefully she do more series than last year..

but again, usually ppl say such phrase when new year comes..

hopefully its the truth

hashi said...

@dingmajiao -- Note that she used the verb form that means it "could be" the best year yet. And the phrase I translated as "if I do say so myself" literally could be translated "although it's just me going ahead and giving my own imagining."

But it's great to see her being optimistic. I keep waiting for her to get a chance to be in a drama. I enjoyed the weird first ep of the little drama "Maid in Akihabara" with MAKO (Yurie in Kamichu).

With the kimono and tokonoma portrait, hers is about the most traditional and formal of all the seiyuu New Year's greetings I've seen, so the hopes are probably a bit pro forma, too..

dingmajiao said...


i see.. i just basically read the post when it was first posted up..
now on closer look and reading clearly..

yupp.. as u said.. just a somewhat hopeful claim..
and yes.. kimono greetings.. one of the most formal of all i've seen..

and lets hope its a great year ahead without those unneeded bad stories (referring to aya style which i believe will nv subside)
anyway any idea of any series that u heard of that aya will be voicing apart from the obvious white album?? apart from queen's blade, i dun really know any more..

btw, a happy new year to you hashihime.. and a fun filled year reading your blog posts..

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see she wasn't in the best female lead or support of lead in seiyuu awards 2008. Her nasal voice will not help her much. People just like her because of her good-looks despise poor perfomance, studies have indicated that individuals prise good-looking people more than normal looking people. even if they haven't done anything very well. I believe this is the case with Aya.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- I agree with your thing about attractive people, but I disagree with your opinion of Aya. I think she is an excellent seiyuu, with a style (or styles ) of her own. But I think her unconventional approach is hard for many people to appreciate.

I personally don't put her in the first rank of seiyuus, but I do think she is a very interesting voice.

The fact is that she, Paku Romi, and Kugimiya Rie are the only three female seiyuus (as far as I know) who have been on the NHK AnimeGiga show, and she was selected to be on the "Top Runner" show, which recognizes superior performers in various fields. So some creditable authorities think she is good. I know she can sound unnatural, but she has a lot of color and invention in her voice.

I don't know what you mean about her not being in the running for the 2008 Seiyuu Awards. I wouldn't select her this year (as I did last year), but the awards won't come out until March.