Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hirano Aya -- DVDs, Photobook, Sushi

Hirano Aya's blog was uncharacteristically silent for a few days last week. When she came back, she assured her fans that she hadn't gotten sick, but just had been so busy it wasn't possible to post. And that she couldn't say what she had been doing...yet.

Since yesterday, the posts have started to flow again. Aya says she really likes negitoro sushi (right), a roll sushi with tuna and green onion. I myself prefer the tuna without green onion, but this one looks as if it doesn't have much onion, so maybe it's okay.

The goods are starting to appear for her Riot Tour DVD. The DVD will be out February 25, but the photo-book of the tour is ready now and will come out on February 10. Both are being pre-sold through Lawson's convenience stores in Japan, but I believe they will be sold generally when they are released.

She has also finished shooting for her third idol DVD, the third in a "Love" series: Love Letter, Love Story, and now Love something else. It will be released March 18.

Below left is the photobook. Below right is one of the nicer photos of Aya I think I've seen. All photos posted on Aya's blog within the past three days.

She said she was happy eating the bowl of ramen-shop ramen shown below left, at 2 am. She also said that when she is tired, she likes to eat sweet things like the dessert below right: she shouldn't eat too much, but she loves them.

She says she probably shouldn't eat too much of these hamburgers (below left), either, but she hadn't had a burger from her favorite place for a long time, so she buried her nose in this one. Below right is the poster Lawson's is giving away when you buy the photo book.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Im looking forward to her riot dvd and photobook! Cant say im looking forward to the idol dvd, the previous ones ive seen (or extended version of the other, not sure whats the case) wasn't particularly interesting.

Emily said...

haha she's pretty brave, posting pictures of herself stuffing her face with food! xD

peanutbutter003 said...

She looks more horizontally spread out now. Ain't that nice?

dingmajiao said...

her love series ending is available in yesasia.. but no clue for the photobook and DVD which i'm more looking forward to...

and for the first time when i read she was busy with something that she could say out, i thought of haruhi 2.. LOL..

Julius said...

for the person responsible on this blog, I owe you a thanks for keeping us Aya fans updated about her.. xD

busy again? I will expect something about her this year..

curiousity, don't you think that many of her photos that are like that burger, with different food ofcourse but still, like that. .xD

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- Yes, the idol DVDs are okay of their type, but not outstandingly interesting, really.

@Emily -- Indeed. Over the years, she has continually posted pics of herself stuffing her face, lol.

@dingmajiao -- Yes, Haruhi 2.... I have never figured out why they have taken so long getting to it.

@Julius -- Yes, she shows us lots of pics of herself eating -- but even more pics of just the food: desserts, sushi, ramen, Japanese meals, spaghetti, etc., etc. Sometimes, her blog can go for days with nothing but pictures of food: in restaurants, that she has made at home, that she has bought at a convenience store, etc.

dingmajiao said...
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dingmajiao said...

the DVD is on sale on yesasia when i checked today.. but i've no idea if it was added recently or for quite a long time already..
though i've no idea where the photobook for the concert is though..
(hashi sorry for the deleted comment.. lol.. since it was kinda wrong info for the first one)

but yeah.. it could be haruhi 2.. but then sankaku had an article about aya hirano leading the cast for dragonball evolution.. maybe its that as well.. so i'm rather looking forward to what it might be..

and i so agree with "Sometimes, her blog can go for days with nothing but pictures of food: in restaurants, that she has made at home, that she has bought at a convenience store, etc.".. seriously sometime i'm like "the next post she's gonna say she grown fat again"

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Erin said...

Completely unrelated, but have you by any chance checked out the FF13 trailer with voice snippets now? You seem to have a good ear as far as picking out seiyuu voices go, and I was wondering if you had any sort of inklings as to who might be who. Not that they don't like to randomly throw in unknowns sometimes, but I swear one of the voices sounds like... Well, I don't want to say it and corrupt your intuition!