Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poll: Top Seiyuus of 2008

Paku RomiWhile we still remember their performances, I thought we might vote for the top seiyuus of 2008 in our own international seiyuu awards. And then when the Japanese Seiyuu Awards come out in early March, we can compare our choices with those.

Here are eight separate polls, one for each category:
-- top male and female in leading roles
-- top male and female in supporting roles
-- top male and female "new" seiyuu (first role in 2003 or later)
-- top seiyuu/singer
-- top "personality" (i.e., TV/radio personality).

Miyano MamoruVote for the seiyuus who you thought did the best work in 2008. Don't feel you have to vote in every category. Voting deadline 24:00h GMT, Wed. 21 Jan. I'll post a summary of the results then.

Polls are hosted on and take a few seconds to appear below:


psgels said...

Aah, I accidentally added Tomokazu Sugita as a female voice actress. Is there any way to undo that one?

Anyway, it's pretty sad that Lelouch is leading the best male actor category. Sure, his voice was entertaining, but I don't really consider his performance as "good acting".

hashi said...

@psgels -- I don't know how to change it in the poll tally itself, but I can make adjustments when I do the wrap-up. Let me know how you'd like it adjusted.

I don't want to bias the results, but I agree about Jun-chan in Geass. Too much for me. I love his work in Eve no Jikan, though.

Man0warr said...

No Hayami Saori as Kou in Supporting? :(

hashi said...

@Man0warr -- Good idea. Give Hayamin a write-in vote (in the "Other" box). I based my list on the list of nominations I developed for the Japanese Seiyuu Awards. I posted it and asked others to fill in more names in the comments, then included most of those they mentioned. I myself thought she was good as Kou, but not at the level of best of the year. I do like her voice-acting. But I LOVE her singing.

If it makes you feel any better, I forgot someone I would probably add myself: Sanpei Yuuko (Nakiami-Bounen no Xamdo).

taka said...

I thought of Sanpei Yuuko but for some reason i didn't think she counted. Something about if the show isn't finishing at least a first season during 2008 it wouldn't count. Which would be shows like Xam'd, Toradora, and even (I guess) Eve no Jikan.

I totally would have voted for Sanpei Yuuko though.

hashi said...

@taka -- I think it's just any show that is on during the year. It doesn't have to have ended. I would probably have voted for Sawashiro Miyuki anyway (if Nakiami is a supporting and not a starring role), but it would have been close among Miyukichi, Yuuyu, and Toyoguchi Megumi.

Elly said...

No Maaya in the best singer list? :(

hashi said...

@Elly -- I left her out because I felt she was really a singer rather than a seiyuu singer. But that's not fair, since she had a couple of roles this year. So I went back and added her (and Hayami Saori, and Sanpei Yuuko) to their respective polls. Not exactly correct, but got them in there, anyway.

Anonymous said...

If not for Fukuyama's Rikuo and Masayuki (Ghost Hound), I would have thought he's a hack. If only voice acting directors would stop it with the "Lelouch" voice.

RIP said...

Hirano Aya....Ambitious yet humble, determined and energetic.
Always looking forward to do her best in her everyday work.

Best personality award for her, why not?

redbible said...

1) Romi Paku (kuromitsu-kurozuka)
2) Rikiya Koyama (Kogarashi-Kamen no Maid Guy) Very, very funny.

3) Marina Inoue by Sekirei. Idem. Very funny. The better of show.

4) Uchida Yuya (Nijū-Mensō no Musume)

5) Marina Inoue by Sekirei new female seiyuu.

6) Kaji yuuki by Yozakura new male seiyuu.

Westlo said...

Hashi.. why no Abe Atsushi for best new male? Personally think his lead roles in Xamdou and Index are clearly better than the people you listed... he'll probably have a break out year equivalent to Nakamura Yuuchi's 2008 very soon.

Also no Fujiwara Kenji for best male supporting is criminal, Prince Ali ftw.

hashi said...

@Westlo -- Good suggestions. That's why I have an "other" box and had a "nominations" post before my post about the Japanese Seiyuu Awards: because I was sure to forget people. I've added them.

I did nominate Fujiwara-san for best leading role. I think he could be nominated for best supporting just about ever season: he's one of the great workhorses of the seiyuu world. I've liked his work since I realized who voiced Shuu-chan in Honey & Clover.

Nicky™ said...

sob sob... why Aya not the top singer ><" mizuki nana is better but why aya lost so much ><" tis make me so sad =(

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