Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sanpei-Koshimizu Dream Attack!

From Koshimizu Ami and Sanpei Yuuko's blogs today:

First Amisuke posted the left-hand pic of Yuuyu, with the comment: "Dream attack on your heart!" (22:51 Japan time) Then Yuuyu posted the right-hand pic of Amisuke, with the text: "Got her!" (22:57 Japan time).

So they are together at 11 pm on a Wednesday night.... Someone had better stop me (not). I take this stuff too seriously.

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kieli said...

It really is terribly cute of them to show their fans their playful side. Part of me really hopes that this is more than just "service".

dingmajiao said...

seriously i think they're just VERY good friends..

not what i'm shocked about.. since both are females.. they definitely act more intimidate with each other compared to guys..

like my female friends calling one another "darlings"..

but got me cracking when they posted that..