Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yuri Seiyuu Happy New Year

Two of the best known yuri seiyuu couples have posted rather romantic New Year's photos on their blogs (all four of them): Sanpei Yuuko 三瓶由布子 and Koshimizu Ami 小清水亜美 , and Nabatame Hitomi 生天目仁美 and Itou Shizuka 伊藤静.

Sanpei Yuuko's pic of Amisuke (right) says : "Happy New Year 2009" and "badump" (dokki, the sound of a heartbeat). Amisuke's pic of Yuuyu (whom she alone calls "Pe"), just says "Happy New Year."

Itou Shizuka posted a pic of her wedding with Nabatame Hitomi. And Naba-sama posted a pic of Shizuka-sama waking up to 2009 (she added with unnecessary honesty that in fact it wasn't taken then). Lovely.

Thanks to NKDS for posting a complete magazine spread on the wedding, which is supposed to come out on disk -- something which makes it seem that this is mainly a publicity stunt, rather than a romance, even if the two do like each other a lot.

Click the pic to enlarge. In the group shot below, I recognize Amisuke and Shimizu Kaori behind the groom (Naba-sama), and I think that's the recently married (to a guy) Inokuchi Yuka to the groom's left, Satou Rina second from the far right, and Itou Miki second from the far left.

More of the faces look familiar, but I can't put names to them. Can anyone else?

Naba-sama (32) and Shizuka-sama (28) are the best-known seiyuu couple. They constantly make jokes about it. But I really don't know how serious this "yuri seiyuu" thing is. They all have separate outings with other seiyuu. However, I did notice that Amisuke (22) mentioned having tea with Pe (22) "late at night," and in another post was helping her redo her room.


Keiri said...

For the wedding group photo (from the left):
Ueda Kana (I think, I can't see her face properly), Itou Miki, ???, Yamazaki Michiru, Inokuchi Yuka, Shimizu Kaori, Nabatame Hitomi, Koshimizu Ami, Itou Shizuka, Ohara Sayaka, Nakao Eri, Satou Rina, Gotou Mai (Can't see her face details properly but I think that's her).

Gah, I'm still awaiting news if I would receive my copy of the CD. Until then, do correct me if I made any mistakes on the photo. ^^

Keiri said...

Oh and Happy New Year! :D

Apologies for the double post. ^^;

hashi said...

@Keiri -- And Happy New Year to you, too.

I think you're right on all but Ueda Kana -- and you might be right there, too. I look for a big face, longish chin, and eyebrows that turn down a bit in the middle, but I think the edge of the photo is a bit distorted, so it's hard to tell.

I had no idea Gotou Mai was that small (148cm = just over 4'10").


Panther said...

@Keiri: Yes that was impressive wow.

@Hashihime: Yeah, yuri is always good. Still, like you pointed out, it all depends on how far this goes, but I believe that if it really was yuri, it might be "unacceptable" to most Japanese social standards since they are still pretty harsh on that. This is most likely all just a publicity stunt, including their yuri relationship, which is more like a sister relationship if they were serious.

Happy New Year dude.

hashi said...

@Panther -- In my sensible moments, I think your expression "sister relationship" is an excellent description. Amisuke and Yuuyu have been friends since at least high school, and I think even middle school. Osananajimi, in fact. Or sisters.

But my scattered moments of being sensible don't stop me from taking the yuri at face value, when it suits me, lol.

I've been reading the 2channel thread for Sanpei Yuuko and it's so fascinating to see these otaku, all of whom must know how she and Ami talk about being a couple, themselves talking about wanting to be with Yuuyu, or whether she has a boyfriend, and saying how much more sexy she has become over the past year. I think that perception probably has to do with her new agency (Baobab) encouraging her to be a bit more feminine than the check shirts she was prone to wear.

And definitely, Happy New Year.

Shana-nee said...

keukeu I'm really shocked. This is the first of I've seen a yuri wedding, kekeke, XDDD I just thought that Naba-sama and Itou-sama were just a couple. mwahahaha. XD