Monday, March 30, 2009

Sasaki Nozomi in Jewelpet and in Lucky Star Budokan Live Event

One of my favorite voices is Sasaki Nozomi's amazing moe lisp. Her two biggest roles have been Nana-chan in Bokura ga Ita and Patty Martin in Lucky Star.

She's not an expert seiyuu, and doesn't get much work, but now she has landed a role in the 52-week kids' show Jewelpet. Reminds me of her role as a sort of leprechaun in Earl and Fairy.

And not only does she join Hirano Aya in the show, but the wonderful -- and extremely expert -- Sawashiro Miyuki will be there, too.

The photo at right shows (l-r) Sasaki Nozomi (Sapphire), Sawashiro Miyuki (Aoi), Saitou Ayaka (Ruby), Kamei Eri (Rinko), and Akina (Minami).

In addition to Hirano Aya, whose character is actually called Garnet, apparently, Miyano Mamoru will also be in the show.

Information from Sasaki Nozomi's blog, Anime News Network, and the anime's official site. See my previous post on this show.

At left below is a photo of Nozomi-chan alone with Ruby, the star Jewelpet. At right, she is holding her own character, Sapphire.

This is not the only big news in Nozomi-chan's blog. She and the cast of Lucky Star have just presented a live event in the huge Budokan in Tokyo. Below we see her enjoying the feeling of being alone on stage in the huge arena. And in a group shot during rehearsal for the show: (front, l-r) Shimizu Kaori, Katou Emiri, Hasegawa Shizuka; (rear, l-r) Sasaki Nozomi, Fukuhara Kaori, Aizawa Mai, Mizuhara Kaoru, Konno Hiromi (I'm not sure of the order of those last three), and Shiraishi Minoru in the rear.

Hirano Aya and Chihara Minori were also in the show, but they apparently had a different rehearsal schedule. In her blog, Nozomi shows a photo of her hand with words written on it, and says that was the kind of cheat-sheet she and Aya used for Sugita Tomokazu's "ad-libs," which he gave them just before the show. Below right is the poster, from Aya's blog, featuring Konata (Hirano Aya), Kagami (Katou Emiri), Tsukasa (Fukuhara Kaori), Yutaka (Hasegawa Shizuka) and Minami (Minorin). Miyuki (Endou Aya) did not take part.


peanutbutter003 said...

DVD's gonna be available in July/August. That's what I gathered thus far.

I hope Aya sang her first song in-character. Always want to see that.

dingmajiao said...

i was peeking at chihara's blog and aya blog when i saw their lucky star pictures..

will wait for the DVD..

i'll try to take a look at jewel pet too.. if possible, i may pick it up..

and aside from the anything related, i thought aya's character song for WA was great..

Andrew said...

Yeah, I heard about this performance on Minorin and Kaorin's blogs, and I thought you'd do a whole article about it. Sounds like fun (although I think Kaorin said she had a sore throat).