Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seiyuu Supergoup: Nakajima, Tomatsu, Hayami

The three top young seiyuu-singers will combine to do the OP for the new anime Basquash!

Nakajima Megumi, Tomatsu Haruka, and Hayami Saori will sing under the group name "Eclipse." All three are under 20.

Nakajima Megumi Tomatsu Haruka Hayami Saori

Nakajima Megumi, 19, won the Seiyuu Award as best seiyuu-singer of 2008, for her work on Macross Frontier.

Tomatsu Haruka, 19, had a top-ten hit with the OP for Kannagi.

And Hayami Saori, 17, showed with the EDs for Touka Gettan and Wagaya no Oinarisama that she may have the best voice of the three, with sweetness, control, and great musicality.

As a solo artist, Nakajima records for Japan Victor, on their Flying Dog label. Tomatsu records for Sony on Music Ray'n. Hayami does not appear to have a solo contract yet.

Tomatsu and fellow Music Ray'n seiyuus Takagaki Ayahi, Toyosaki Aki, and Kotobuki Minako, do the OP to the new anime Hatsukoi Limited, under the name of their group sphere (Nicovideo link).

The Basquash OP title will be "nO limiT". Basquash is produced by Kawamori Shoji, the man behind the Macross franchise. The science-fiction story involves a game like basketball that is played using mechas. Broadcast begins Thursday 2 April.

In spring anime, Tomatsu has roles in five shows (Basquash!, ToLoveRu, Asura Cryin', Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica, and Cross Game), Nakajima in one (Basquash!), and Hayami in three (Higashi no Eden, Basquash!, 07-Ghost).


omo said...


I hope this group ends up to be more than just a blemish on their respective resumes years down the road... You could say I am not optimistic about it.

Who is producing it?

hashi said...

@omo -- Since they all work for different music companies, I can't see this "group" lasting, either. But I look forward to hearing what they sound like together.

I don't know who is producing them -- the show's website is still incomplete -- but I'll pass the info on when I find out.

hashi said...

@omo -- According to, the OP will come out on the Pony Canyon label.

Emily said...

Can't wait for this- I'm expecting good things from them :)

dingmajiao said...

good to hear this..

and did hashi just did a back to back double post?? =D

lol.. miss her updates..

and its great to see saori, tomatsu and nakajima working together at least for quite some time..

i personally like the trio aya hirano, tomastsu haruka and ryoko shiraishi when they worked together for numerous songs for zettai karen children..

so hopefully they can be equally as good or even better..