Monday, April 06, 2009

All Hirano Aya All the Time

Aaya will be the only regular on a new TV program starting 16 April: Hirano Aya dake TV 平野綾だけTV ("Hirano Aya-only TV").

The show will be like a journal, following her through all her activities: seiyuu work, singing, being photographed for gravure pages and DVDs, etc.

"I get to decide what I want to do," says Aaya, who has a sheaf of ideas to work with, submitted by fans, staff, writers, and herself.

The show will be on Fuji TV 2. The first hour-long episode will be on Thursday 16 April from 10-11pm, repeated Saturday night 3-4am.

But that's not all. She will also appear as a guest on a new anime radio show produced by her agency, Spacecraft, in collaboration with Nippon Broadcasting.

The new show is called AniKobo アニコボ ("Anime Workshop," more or less), and will be on Monday through Thursday nights at 24:30. Mondays will be devoted to manga, Tuesdays to anime music, Wednesdays to seiyuu, and Thursdays to a radio drama. Announcers will be called "researchers," and the show will aim to bring viewers in-depth information.

Already slated to appear as guests are seiyuus Aaya and Chiba Saeko, and music producer Kajiura Yuki. All three are represented by Spacecraft.

But even that is not all. The stars of White Album, Aaya and Mizuki Nana, will appear together in a White Album concert on September 9. The first part of the show will be talk and games, and the second part the concert.

All I can say is that Aaya is both ambitious and brave, to appear on the same stage with the mistress of live performance, Nana-chan.

And finally, get ready for a new Aaya single. The new disk, "Set me Free/Sing a Song" comes out on 29 April.


Kaioshin Sama said...

It seems like we've both got exciting news and something to look forward to in the coming weeks. :D

You've got a new Aya Hirano feature, which I know will be a great present for you, and I've got a new Gundam strategy game on the horizon to tinker with.

I knew after just how crummy my weekend was that things had to balance out soon, and it looks like they have.

Christmas in the summer really does exist.

animekritik said...

i hate to say it, but isn't aya working a tad to hard. should worry about karoshi and all.

hashi said...

@animekritik -- Good point. And she did collapse in the fall of 2006 and had to spend a month recovering. But after that she said that she learned she needed something in her diet and that should enable her to live with her condition. I hope she was right.

For one thing, the new work explains why she is doing comparatively few animes this season. But she does have major roles in two: Queen's Blade and Jewelpet.

@Kaioshin -- One thing about the anime/manga/game world, there is a constant stream of new things coming take our minds off our troubles, lol.

kiseki gurl said...

Also Aya's already been slated to appear on Animelo Day 2 along with Nana. I'm half expecting a God knows duet between the two of them though a Shin Ai duet would majorly suck.

dingmajiao said...

wow.. exciting news to look forward..

i dunno but aint the single already out on press limited release???

i think her singing have improved though not as good as nana obviously..
but its nice to hear she's willing to challenge herself..

Andrew said...

Hmm, I for one wish she would devote her time to singing and acting (and auditioning for higher-quality shows; I'm sorry, but her current venues seem far below her standards to me) rather than appearing in what seems to me like a talk show about herself.

I'm not nearly as familiar with the Japanese entertainment industry as you are, but is this sort of show common among seiyuus? I'm sorry, but it seems a trifle self-indulgent to me.

hashi said...

@Andrew -- Well, I'm not as familiar with the Japanese entertainment industry as all that, but I'm unaware that any seiyuu has had a show like this, apart from the odd special, maybe.

But I think we have to say that Aya is an entertainer rather than just a seiyuu. She's making a larger income than a normal seiyuu would by doing things like TV show hosting and magazine spreads and idol DVDs and concerts.

"Self-indulgent," however, is not what I would call this. It's business. If the fans want to pry into her daily activities, as a "personality" she can profit by letting them in. In fact, I think her blog -- which is more or less the same thing as this show, on a lesser scale -- has been a factor in her popularity.

Some 2channelers have long felt that she was puffing herself up with the blog, and wanted to confine her to seiyuu work. But she keeps aiming to be a bigger star than that. Is this unhealthy self-absorption or healthy ambition?

There is a sense in which she is already at the top of the seiyuu world. At least I suspect she is very well paid, especially for her age, and is someone producers think of as a star who can draw viewers.

And in fact, I think she was being groomed throughout her teens to be a singer/entertainer, but the seiyuu career was much more successful than the singing and dancing. Now that she has a chance to go for singer/entertainer, I think she is taking it, while still taking some good -- or at least well-paid -- roles in anime.

Her singing is getting better, but she's not a big singing star. It doesn't look as if she's going to get a chance to be in dramas. Her seiyuu work is good, but much less well-paid than this other stuff. So I think we'll be seeing her as a TV personality as long as people will watch.

animekritik said...

i'd forgotten about that collapse in 2006, but now that you mention it i remember reading about it (that's haruhi's year, right).

Anyway, her schedule's probably not as hectic as a MoMusu girl and they seem to cope somehow, so...

I'll definitely check out the new show if it's available..

Anonymous said...

Aya.. not Aaya.

hashi said...

@anonymous -- "Aaya" あーや is her nickname. She has occasionallly used it herself in her blog.

dingmajiao said...

btw.. in case one dunno where to watch the TV show, it's up on veoh..

the search page..

hashi said...

@dingmajiao -- Thanks. I also found it on Tokyotosho. I'm just finishing watching it and deciding what to say -- besides that it's entertaining and Aya is so real, behind that fakey voice.