Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eclipse (Tomatsu-Nakajima-Hayami) to Get Second Single

Eclipse, the supergroup of top young seiyuu singers Tomatsu Haruka, Nakajima Megumi, and Hayami Saori, will release a second single hot on the heels of their recently announced first single. Hayami also has a solo insert song in episode one. (mouseover photos for captions, click to enlarge)

Tomatsu Haruka

The first single, nO limiT, is the OP to the new anime Basquash. That CD will be released on 29 May. The second single, Running On, is an insert song in the same show and will be released three weeks later, on 17 June.

Nakajima Megumi

It appears that Yamada Yu's free was supposed to be the OP but the staff judged it not quite right for the show and the new group was given the gig. I don't know if they were already slated for the ED, or if this second single is a bonus or was planned from the start.

I enjoy the singing of all three members of the new group, but for me Hayami Saori stands out. Not only is her voice just innately beautiful, but she has great musical sense and phrasing and is able to create subtle movements in the music in the manner of great singers like Onitsuka Chihiro. I actually fear that working in a group will mask her voice's strengths.

But these three together should be able to produce a fine OP, if the song is good enough. Tomatsu's voice has force and energy, and Nakajima is both fresh-sounding and accomplished, and was voted the best seiyuu singer of 2008.

Hayami Saori

The CDs will be released under the Pony Canyon label. None of the three seiyuus records solo for Pony Canyon. Tomatsu (19) is with Sony, and Nakajima (19) with Victor Entertainment. The 17-year-old Hayamin does not yet have a solo recording contract.

Like other readers of the Hayamin thread on 2channel, I am thrilled that she will get her own solo insert song. This news just appeared on 2channel. And now i have heard it in the epsiode. It's too far in the background to get a good listen, but it seems to be the biggest song she's done yet, showing yet another side of her musical ability.

2channel thread re group
news item from Japanese site OtaSuke

In other Hayami Saori news ("all Hayamin all the time"), she and Higashi no Eden co-star Kimura Ryouhei will host a Web radio show starting Friday 10 April, the day after the first episode is broadcast. She is an entertaining radio personality and the denizens of her 2channel thread are jubilant.


dingmajiao said...

Wow.. that's fast.. could have been already planned when they tried to get free to sing the OP.. but it didnt worked out.. and they still sticked along with the plan the end..

but thats good news too.. XD..

Erin said...

All Hayamin all the time sounds fine to me! Thank you again for the update on what she's doing--I'm thrilled at how much exposure she's going to get this season, as compared to when I felt like there were five of us who knew who she was...

hashi said...

@Erin -- What you say reminds me of something someone posted on 2channel last week: "With this heroine role, Hayamin is going to become famous overnight. That makes me happy...but it makes me sad, too." We're soon going to lose out privileged place among her few fans: huge numbers of people will be her fans.

Erin said...

You know, I actually thought about that after I posted the comment! I remember feeling strange about even when Sekirei came on and a I saw her mentioned in just a few places. Sigh. Ah, well, I guess we'll always have Touka Gettan, and the little voice in my head will still say that I adored her before most people knew who she was. Huzzah for self-indulgence.

stewie said...

Ehm, just thought id let you know that theres a link pointing to a localhost (, so its wrong :p

hashi said...

@Stewie -- Thanks! Fixed. I use a 2channel viewer (Firefox add-on bbs2chreader) that seems to use the localhost as a proxy.