Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eden of the East -- episode 3 preview description

Here is a translation of the episode 3 preview from the blog on the official site. Be warned: it includes spoilers for what I guess is the first third of the episode:

"Akira and Saki finally get to the home address in Akira's passport. It turns out to be a shopping mall with a cinema complex. Does Akira own it? They spend the night together in the cinema complex, just the two of them. Then the detective comes in. To protect Saki, Akira confronts the detective. Knowing nothing of this, Saki faces faces dawn alone and lonely. Where will the fight between Akira and the detective go?"

script: Kamiyama Kenji (director), Satou Dai (Eureka Seven, work on GITS:SAC)
storyboard: Yoshihara Masayuki (series assistant director, storyboarded and/or directed eps of GITS:SAC, Moribito asst. dir.)
episode director: Kakimoto Hirota (storyboards/episode direction Moribito, Toshokan, Erin)
animation direction: Mamezuka Takeshi (key anim on Moribito, Shugo Chara, etc.)/Itou Hideki (eps of FMA, Eureka7, etc.)
art direction: Takeda Yuusuke (art dir of Blood the Last Vampire, GITS:SAC, Gankutsuou, Moribito, true tears, Skip Beat)

滝沢と咲が辿り着いたパスポートの住所にはシネコンに併設されたショッピングモールがあった。滝沢は施設のオーナーなのか!? 二人だけの夜を施設内のシネコンで明かそうとすると、刑事が侵入してくる。滝沢は咲を守るため、刑事と対峙する。そうとは知らず、咲は一人ぼっちで朝をむかえる。滝沢と刑事の戦いの行方は?

脚本:神山健治/佐藤大 絵コンテ:吉原正行 演出:柿本広大
作画監督:豆塚隆/伊藤秀樹  美術監督:竹田悠介

There are descriptions for episodes four and five here, in Japanese (I don't plan to read them, myself, but there they are).


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