Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Higashi no Eden -- character and seiyuu pics and info

I've made a page showing the characters in Higashi no Eden and their voice actors, with info and pics for both character and seiyuu.

There are twelve characters, including eight whom we haven't seen in episode one.

There is some slightly spoilerish info, including the fact that a fellow college student Saki's age has had an unrequited crush on her since high school. He was also on the trip to New York, and is the one who would have called Saki when she was at the White House -- if she had left her mobile phone on.

Here are three of the new characters. Click image to go to the page:

And there are some more characters who have Selecao numbers like Akira.

The Higashi no Eden radio show, featuring Hayami Saori and Kimura Ryouhei, has begun. Fin the first broadcast on the radio official site or, failing that, on NicoNico. The stars do a good job, creating a nice atmosphere. Hayamin is more experienced at radio, despite being sevenyears younger, so Kimura refers to her as "Hayami Onee-san." A new fifty-minute show will be posted every two weeks.

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dingmajiao said...

Woah.. Nico Nico update.. Was struggling trying to proxy over to listen at animate.tv..

Now that ppl will be uploaded, i'll just camp there..

Thanks hashi..

hashi said...

@dingmajiao -- I use a Firefox extension called NicoFox that lets you download .flv files from Nico. But it also has other tools, such as one that converts the .flv sound to an .mp3. NicoFox didn't work to download the .flv in this case (sometimes neither it nor Download Helper works). But the mp3 function did work and allowed downloads.

stewie said...

is this saitou ayaka related to chiwa? cos they do resemble each other :o

hashi said...

@stewie -- Probably not. It isn't mentioned in either of their Japanese Wikipedia entries, anyway, and a quick look at pages containing both names doesn't show anything. They use a different kanji for the "Sai" part of Saitou, although that doesn't really prove anything.

dingmajiao said...

I've nicofox too but i tends to use download helper more.. hmm.. i didnt know that nicofox can convert to .mp3.. i should try it next time..

as for the anime, lots of student characters from the list.. wondering if what kind of development the anime would take..

Anonymous said...

Lol a real life "Eden" application.


Never would've thought!

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