Thursday, April 09, 2009

Higashi no Eden -- Umino Chika and Kamiyama Kenji Watch Episode One

Umino Chika 羽海野チカ, the mangaka of Honey & Clover, did original character design and drawings for the new anime Higashi no Eden. She describes in her blog today how she and director Kamiyama Kenji watched episode one together as it aired, late Thursday night.

Umino-sensei avoids allowing herself to be photographed. She substitutes her alter ego, Kuma-chan (kuma means "bear"):

When they sat down together, Kamiyama told Kuma-chan to come closer...then he said that at times like this...he never says anything interesting....

Umino-sensei writes that she undertook the work a year ago, so it has been a long wait to see the finished product. She continues hard at work on her current manga, March Lion (Sangatsu no Raion 3月のライオン). The magazine it is published in comes out twice a month, but March Lion only comes out three times in two months. She has used that spare two weeks to work on Higashi no Eden.

She says hat a beautiful world the anime creates. The quality of the staff's work in episode one was so high that she wonders if it can be sustained for eleven episodes.

The story is one of riddle within riddle. We will see the depth and force of Kamiyama Kenji's thinking as we go on, she says.


moritheil said...

Ever since the trailer, I've been interested in this show. It's very interesting to see the talent behind it.

I think it must be surreal to be working on one thing, and have something you did in the past come up for publication - but that's just the nature of publication.