Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hirano Aya Only TV -- episode 1

The first episode of Hirano Aya's hour-long TV show Hirano Aya dake TV 平野綾だけTV ("Hirano Aya-only TV") was broadcast on Fuji Television April 16.

Here is part one on YouTube.

Aya spent four hours working in a fast food restaurant, Lotteria. She made hamburgers (breaking a couple), salted and served fries, cleaned tables, and took orders (always with the manager backing her up).

She seemed nervous and spoke in the polite, fairly silly-sounding, little-girl voice she can affect.

The most touching thing for me was her honesty during the interview for the job. How did she find out about the position? From the staff planning the TV show. And in outlining her experience, she didn't make up anything, but just cited her experience as a seiyuu and entertainer. Asked for her strong points, she said she is willing to try things and always sees things through to the end. Her weaknesses? Sometimes she takes on things that she does not have the capacity for.

In the scene where the TV staff told her what her task was to be -- to work in the fast food place -- you could see that although she knew she would be doing something like that, she probably didn't know the exact thing she would be doing, and was apprehensive.

Throughout the four hours she worked there, she was uncertain how embarrassed to be, and toward whom: embarrassed to be working at this job? Embarrassed to be making mistakes? Embarrassed to be there with the video crew getting in the staff's way?

It's not a show I'll be rushing to watch that often, but it grew on me. Even I, however, have trouble with that high, forced polite voice.

Job interview:

Making burgers badly:

Taking orders:

Cleaning tables:

Getting paid (four hours at $13/hour = $52):

But this wasn't the only thing Aya has been up to recently. She released a new single this week: Set Me Free, backed with Sing a Song. The disc hit the charts today at #10. I'm not overwhelmed, myself, since it sounds too similar to some of her other recent singles, but I'm enjoying it:

She held events for fan club members in Tokyo and Osaka. The various souvenir "goods" they had for sale all sold out (final picture):

She ate with singer May'N (who was the singing voice of Sheryl in Macross Frontier) at an Okinawa restaurant recommended by May'N. And had ice cream at a Coldstone Creamery -- then got a pimple near her "tear mole":

And she is rehearsing for this weekend's Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou 涼宮ハルヒの弦奏 musical event:

Aya has also mentioned in her blog that she will be in an NHK anime called Kawa no Hikari ("River's Light"). The anime is based on Matsuura Hisaki's popular ecological novel, which has been serialized in the Yomiuri Shinbun newspaper since 2006 and is now complete. It is the story of a family of mice displaced by human construction. The anime will air on June 20.

Aya plays a dog, and says she feels a great responsibility since the character is based on the author's own dog. She adds that the other cast members are very high-level seiyuu.

I have no further information about staff or cast. It seems that, once again, Aya has jumped the gun and announced a show before its producers do.


Furba said...

Ah, i Love your posts on aya, hashi :D very much appreciated thank you!
Reading this post I went and dled the album right away lol xD and also all 6 parts to the tv show off youtube... will watch tonight plus the PVs i dled.
the new songs, aren't staying in my memory like they usually do, but o well they will eventually. liking set my free better than the other though xP
and o what?! Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou?!?! awesome, i'm so behind in haruhi news that everything seems new lol. is it true about second season? that it airs during or after S1? D:

animekritik said...

hmm, so it's basically one of these celebrity reality shows. i'd rather they had made a funny skits thing.

Peanutbutter003 said...

As much as I am a fan of Aya, I'm not eager to watch this. I don't really watch her "gravure" stuff either.

Maybe I just like her best as a seiyuu/singer and nothing else. Though Set me free/ Sing a song was once again forgettable, not my taste.

About the May'N stuff, it reminded me of the little convo they had in the making of Animelo 2008. I do wonder what they talked about though.

Mei said...

I was gonna do a review myself, but as expected, you beat me to it. :P Watching this reminded me of Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie's the Simple Life, sans the bitchiness. I think it's interesting, and fairly amusing, to see entertainers try their hand at labor, especially when you know they probably haven't done such things in their fabulous life. Aaya's spheal at the end of the episode about not knowing how much hard work a fast food worker has to endure and her humility probably will gain some respect back, I think.

I wasn't surprised May'n and Aaya hit it off. They seemed to get acquainted during Animelo '08, and I guess divas get along? :B

All the people who ate Aaya's food are lucky, lol.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching her so much - so much that I think she might work too hard. I mean tv show, singing career, seiyuu, that's too much work for one person to handle. I hope she doesn't push herself too hard.

dingmajiao said...

i seriously believe that the show is not really gravure.. i thought it was during the start.. but it all turn around after.. she failed in quite a few of the work given but tried i think her best at least.. pretty fun to watch the show also..

and shashin no kimochi section make me laugh a bit.. and its not that bad the whole show..

about the songs, i enjoyed both a little.. not really that bad imo.. and she posted a lot of gensou updates on her blog already.. hmm..

the event held seems fun as well, seem to have some game and activities throughout, if i'm not wrong..

and a little more, there'll be another event for the fanclub from what i've read on her website, a live concert i presume and another thing is her 3rd photobook girlfriend is out on sale..