Friday, April 10, 2009

More NANA Anime Coming?

I admit it's not much evidence, but Hirano Aya reports in her blog that the cast and staff of NANA got together for a cherry-blossom-viewing party a day or two ago.

Can this mean that they have more work to do together? She hasn't mentioned any get-togethers since the anime ended over two years ago.

There's no mention of the party in other sources: other seiyuus' sites, 2channel, etc. The fact that other seiyuus' blogs don't even mention the party could be an indication that Aya is speaking out of turn, and there really is something happening. I hope.

NANA is one of my favorite anime -- a masterpiece, in my opinion. As is the manga. The depth, intensity, and complexity of the emotional relationships is at a higher level. And the anime ended about halfway to where the manga is now.

Cherry-trees have been blooming in Japan for the past few weeks. Japanese get together for parties under the trees to celebrate spring.

Aya said she hadn't seen mangaka Yazawa Ai for a long time, and was both extremely happy to see her and quite nervous. Aya played Layla in the anime.

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Ivy said...

Oh please please, be true! I've been longing for this after the unpredictable time-jump in the end. I need more NANA now!

Anonymous said...

That would be amazing. NANA is in my list of all time favorite anime; even amongst shoujo, it has the most deepest and complex and realistic and heartbreaking and highs and lows and etc. interaction and relationships that just make you want more and more. I actually ran over to Amazon to grab more of the manga but my Japanese reading level isn't good enough and I'm afraid I won't enjoy it as much if I look up a word every five minutes... But wow, that would be so great!

hashi said...

I'm glad I made it clear enough that the evidence is very slight. But my own longing for more of the anime made me hope.

And it's pretty logical: NANA was one of the top-rated late-night anime of all time, if not the absolute top. And there is enough manga for at least 13-26 episodes.

The Sojourner said...

I can only hope!