Sunday, April 05, 2009

Three Kingdoms Character Design: Souten Kouro and Others

Somewhere (I don't remember where) I found a table showing the character design of several Japanese versions of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Including the manga of this season's anime Souten Kouro, as well as the Ikkitousen and Koihime Musou animes, the Yokoyama manga, and three different games.

Here's the table, translated into English. Click image to enlarge.

I like the Souten Kouro manga images, even though there is a bit of sameness to them, but it looks from the preview as if they have been homogenized a bit for the anime.

Anyway, since I've long thought it would have been better for China in real life if Cao Cao had won outright, I am looking forward to Souten Kouro, which tells the story from his point of view.

I'm not familiar with all the image sources in the table. "Koei" refers to the Koei Sangokushi game series. "Sangoku Musou" is another Koei series. Then there are the Yokoyama Sangokushi manga and the Souten Kouro manga, the Ikkitousen anime, and the Koihime Musou anime. And finally the Sangoku Taisen card game. I think.

Here's a link to the original image, in Japanese.


Kaioshin Sama said...

Gotta love the Koihime Musou and Ikkitousen concepts.

NegativeZero said...

Souten Kouro mainly interests me because most of the time Cao Cao is highly vilified and seeing the story from his perspective will be an interesting take, I think.

dingmajiao said...

i believe the Koei version is the RoTK PC strategy series.. to differentiate with the Sangoku Musou game series..

Personally i do think that Cao Cao should have won the war.. and I'm looking eagerly forward to Souten Kouro as I admire him and this telling from his point of view will be great..

like negativezero said, Cao Cao is almost made a villain and vilified despite not being much that case..

hashi said...

What I've thought is that if Cao Cao had been able to unite the country, which seemed fairly likely at one point, the next three hundred years might have been more peaceful in China.