Friday, May 22, 2009

A Great Day for Anime -- Haruhi, Eden, and Phantom

What a wonderful day to be alive and watching anime: three great anime episodes back to back. A new episode of Suzumiya Haruhi, a mind-blowing episode of Eden of the East, and a chilling episode of Requiem for the Phantom.

Suzumiya Haruhi: Bamboo-Leaf Rhapsody

There may be slight differences in the character design, and perhaps somewhat fewer hours spent on the animation, but this is still authentic Suzumiya Haruhi. Hirano Aya took a few scenes to get up to speed, but then we got the real goddess Haruhi: the lovable, pitiable, despicable irresistible force. This is what Aya can do. Listen to the strength and emotional nuance in her voice. (click pics to enlarge)

Ono Daisuke is so smooth it seems as if he never left the club room. Sugita Tomokazu is still our ironic everyman, following Mikuru ("so cute") wherever she wants. Gotou Yuuko is even more over the top than ever, but her rock-candy moe makes all men melt. And Chihara Minori remains the mistress of monotone non-acting acting.

The story carried us straight to the heart of Haruhi's world: espers, time-travellers, superpowers and an eternal sadness. As before, the show was more than the sum of its parts, leaving me emotionally uplifted and drained.

Eden of the East 7

Delicate emotions, mad action, intrigue, and a WTF ending that left the audience gasping for breath. I won't go into detail: watch the show, then check out some details in the AnimeSuki thread. (last pic may be NSFW when enlarged)

Hayami Saori keeps showing me that she is the rising seiyuu star, expressing full emotion with her small but incredibly beautiful voice. And veteran Igarashi Rei bewitched with her elegance as Shiratori Diana Kuroha, the Selecao who runs a model agency by day and by night snips off male members with a cigar cutter.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom 8

Hayamin has some competition from the just slightly older Takagaki Ayahi, who plays the taciturn assassin Ein in Phantom. Even with only groans and screams, she is subtly but intensely expressive. As she was in Da Capo 2 and true tears. Irino Miyu does a good job as Zwei, the gradually awakening apprentice assassin. And veteran Hisakawa Aya is chilling as the sleazy but wonderfully female Claudia. You could almost taste the pheromones coming through the screen.

This episode gave us betrayal, death, sensuality, hope, loss, outstanding background music, and the first real budding of a romance I can only see as tragic.

This great show is about the least-watched of all current anime, coming in at .3 and .9 percent of the audience over the past two weeks. By contrast, Eden has has audience shares of 4.6, 3.3, and a triumphant 5.0 over the past three weeks. No figures for Haruhi yet -- and there may not be for a long time, if the information flow remains the same as it was when the first series aired.

These are the kinds of shows that thrill me: great voices, great stories, deep emotions, good animation. Maybe I'm biased, but this seems like anime for adults, whether adults are the intended audience or not.


Serakah said...

Haruhi S2 holy crap! I had to look at it on for about 5 seconds before I realized it was the sequel. Awesome!

I'll watch Eden of the East in a few mins and I guess I should start watching Phantom eh? It's been sitting in my HD for a while.

Keep up the blogging!

dingmajiao said...

Haruhi was really nice..
Really enjoyed the episode.. The voices of the character are so nostalgic..

Eden continue to impress me.. The last part was just wow.. Illusion? LOL..

animeaffairs said...

Great to have the SOS Brigade back! And my beloved Nagato, above all.

I can't wait until they get to the meat of book 4. When that glorious day comes, I'll probably end up screaming tributes to Nagato until my throat goes hoarse.

Anonymous said...

As in "anime for adults" are you supporting the paradigm that society is the cause of NEET's and through their empowerment the current social structures can be demolished and that society can be reborn?

And on that note - what do you think Akira's ultimate goal is going to be? Although I don't agree with our current capitalistic and greed-driven corporate system, I likewise don't believe that a utopia of reinforced isolation and a refusal to integrate with things due to cowardice as opposed to self-expression would actually be a utopia...

And re: AnimeSuki - I posted an intelligent thread once on that forum and my post was deleted by an administrator saying "You probably copied that off of someone's blog trying to be intelligent". Ever since then I .. never looked back lol.

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