Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Spring Anime -- 16 favorite OP/EDs

Tastes differ, but for me this season is the best I can remember for enjoyable anime OPs and EDs.

I have only one way of judging: after several episodes, do I still keep watching the OP and ED or just fast-forward through them? I'm really listening for the music, rather than the words or the images, in most cases.

For anyone who's interested and can read some Japanese, there's a 2channel thread where people are posting which are their favorite OP/EDs. No totals yet.

Here, from YouTube, are my 16 favorites of the season. Not in exact order, since I'm not sure which I like best or least. I'm not saying these songs or animations are the "best" of the season, just that they are what I enjoy:

Phantom~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP
KOKIA: Karma

Guin Saga ED
Kanon: Saga~This is My Road

Eden of the East OP
Oasis: Falling Down

Eden of the East ED
School Food Punishment: Futurisic Imagination

Hanasakeru Seishounen OP
J-min: Change

Hanasakeru Seishounen ED
J-min: One

Asura Cryin' OP
angela: Spiral

Asura Cryin' ED
angela: Link

Pandora Hearts OP
Fiction Junction: Parallel Hearts

Shangri-la OP
May'n: Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare

Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako: Cagayake Girls

Hikasa Yoko, Toyosaki Aki, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako: Don't Say Lazy

Souten Kouro OP
Tribal Chair: 909

Souten Kouro ED
Ogre You Asshole: Pinhole

Tayutama - kiss on my deity OP
Kicco: The Fine Every Day

Basquash OP
Eclipse (Tomatsu Haruka, Hayami Saori, Nakajima Megumi): nO limiT


omo said...

There are indeed a lot of good op/ed this season, and you didn't even list half of mine...

hashi said...

@omo. lol. Like I say: tastes differ. And that's a good thing.

Courtney said...

To be honest, I clicked this link just to make sure both K-ON themes were there. Though I did listen to most of the other stuff, too. :)

hashi said...

@Courtney -- I said I wasn't sure what order to put the themes in, but to be honest, I would probably put the two K-On ones somewhere after #10, for my particular taste.

0rion said...

I am SO addicted to the Shangri-La OP. That one is by far one of the best OPs in a long time, in my opinion.

Definitely a very strong season for good anime music, though, no doubt. Too bad some of the shows with good music have terrible everything else. ;P

izu ting ting said...

i really like songs from ristorante paradiso. :D

Kairu said...

So many good anime OPs and EDs this season huh?

TheBigN said...

I haven't been watching a lot of anime from this season, so I've been missing out on some of the better OPs and EDs, and it's nice that you put some of them here, though I don't agree with you on all of them. :P

hashi said...

@izu ting ting -- I was just watching yesterday's episode of Paradiso, and I agree with you. I might have included that OP.

dingmajiao said...

hmm.. some of this season's OPs were really nice i've to say..

Serakah said...

The ED of K-On! blew everything else out of the water IMO. It's so damn cute and addicting.

Sora said...

The ED of K-ON! OP and ED of Eden. Unique and beautiful. Esp the ending.