Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hirano Aya-only TV ep2

Episode three of Hirano Aya dake TV is coming up Thursday, but I only just found episode two yesterday, on YouTube. And today it has been taken down.

In any case, this time, Aya goes to an exclusive French restaurant and gets lessons in how to eat French food. She has clearly done this before, but still has a lot to learn. She generally knew to use the utensils in the European rather than the American way, keeping the knife and fork in the right and left hands, respectively, and eating off the back of the fork.

Using a dessert spoon to shovel in huge quantities of mayonnaise with caviar was a bit declassé, however. As was swirling the wine in the glass before the test sip, as if she was at a wine-tasting. But I thought it was a bit much for her instructress to tell her to use her utensils to break the long wands of of toast in the mayonnaise dish, instead of picking them up and using them to eat the mayonnaise by hand. If the instructor was not just wrong, this is one of the cases where politeness and reason are at odds.

The restaurant, L'Auberge de l'Ill, is a branch of a famous restaurant in Alsace, France. The original has been awarded three stars in the Michelin guide for over forty years. In the Tokyo restaurant, dinners start at about $125 a person.

Anyway, it was an entertaining show, in its very laid-back way. You laugh at Aya and with her, always feeling that even in her most dumb blonde moments, she has the situation in hand somehow. And in my case, you learn something and enjoy a great meal second-hand.

It has been a while since I posted about Aya. Get ready for her to appear this summer in an Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka OVA called "Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Hard Core." And in an NHK TV animated film called Kawa no Hikari, which is about a family of rats displaced by urban development. Aya plays a dog who befriends them. She will also star in a 13-episode OVA series called Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiō Shinwa, playing the goddess Athena and her human form Sasha. And she will continue as Garnet in Jewelpets. There will be a live event for the Saint Seiya show this Sunday. EDIT: And it seems as if she will continue in the new episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi that people expect to be coming out through the summer.

She will be part of the new Lantis Festival established as a sort of clone of Animelo. The new festival will take place in late September, a month after Animelo. And she will be in Animelo, too. Before that, in June, Aya will have her own mini-concert for members of her fan club, to be held July 20 at Zepp Tokyo. A new single will be released on July 22.

Here are some photos from her blog over the last month or so. She will attempt to play drums again at her live next month. And she continues to wear fairly provocative slogans on her shirts.

Next, here she is at last month's fan-club event (left), and wearing a dress her mother got when she was twenty (right):

And here are a couple of different looks: on the left, the aftermath of having her hair put in a bun for a photo shoot; on the right, what she describes as a "schoolgirl" look:

She played with a kitten in a pet shop, and wanted to bring it home, but decided she had better clean up the mess in her apartment first:

She demonstrated conclusively that she doesn't know one end of a rowboat from the other during a photo-shoot in a park. And she had the singer Elisa (who sang the OPs for the two ef anime) as a guest on her Animelo Mix radio show:


Furuba said...

okay at first when i read this post, i was spazzing out a lot lol. missed your aya posts :] and i was lacking in aya news.
but OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but noooo i missed episode 2 D: and now it's off youtube.... thanks for the summary!!
the wine glass is massive, the size of her face.
"Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Hard Core".... ha....hahaha... say what? o god... akasaka
Animelo? yay, look forward to it ^__^ wonder what she'll sing. also looking forward to new single *notes the date*
omg aya on drums, aya on drums!! ♥♥♥
lol her hair..... XD spastic stuff
hawt megane ;P
cat pic, her mouth so reminds me of konata XD
rowing boat.... lol moe ♥
lovely last pic... but what's on her shirt.. it worries me... O_o; love the one sock fashion
thanks for the post :D!

dingmajiao said...

Aya dake 2 was fantastic and the best of the 2 at the moment..
It's just Aya as Aya and not something acted up for TV..

Apart from youtube why not try veoh hashi, 2 episodes are still up there...

Her blog have been kind of inactive but her drum post got me wanting to play the drum even though i've no idea how..

And more Aya voiced animes!!!
I miss hashi aya posts.. =D

hashi said...

@dingmajiao -- Wow, Veoh's a gold mine. Thanks. I've been concentrating on nantokadoga_dot_com for new shows and nicovideo_dot_jp for other things and haven't been looking at Veoh recently. Mistake.

Sorry not to be posting more about Aya, but I'm afraid that's likely to continue. Spreading myself a bit thin.

@Furuba -- Thanks for that great appreciation of the photos. Helped me enjoy them all over again.

Toonleap said...

Hirano Aya TV ep 3 is out...cant wait for your next review. If people missed on Youtube, there are always many other ways to watch it...:D