Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yamakan to Direct Special OP OVA for Tonari no 801-chan Manga

Bad-boy director Yamamoto Yutaka 山本寛 (Yamakan) will direct a 90-second OP animation to be released with vol4 of the comic Tonari no 801-chan, on September 10.

Maybe it's more common than I realize, but I've never heard of releasing an OP animation with a manga. A special anime episode, yes. But OP/ED animations are Yamakan's forte (Suzumiya Haruhi ED, Lucky Star OP, Kannagi OP), and it could work so well as publicity for the manga that it starts a trend.

In an added twist, the vocalist for the OP will selected by public vote on NicoNico Douga, based on an open audition call.

Character design will be by Yamakan's close collaborator Kadowaki Satoshi. Music will be produced by Nishimura Masatoshi (City Hunter, Prince of Tennis) and written by A-bee (who did the remix for the Kannagi OP).

Info from, via Anime News Network.

In other Yamakan news, the man himself will be at Otakon in Baltimore July 17-19. Other guests include Inoue Kikuko and Kanon Wakeshima. Info from Anime Vice.

I also came across a report of an interview with Yamakan published earlier this year in Behind the Nihon Review. Among other things, he says he does not believe in originality, that what we see as original is actually just "deft plagiarism."

He criticizes anime fandom for having become too exclusive, and anime producers for just catering to niche audiences. He also criticizes Miyazaki, for having retreated to an ivory tower and not kept contact with the rest of the industry, while just lobbing criticism at it.

Yamamoto Yutaka directed Kannagi for his own company, Ordet. He also directed the first four episodes of Lucky Star, until Kyoto Animation fired him, for reasons that are still not fully explained. He was assistant director of Suzumiya Haruhi, writing and/or directing four episodes, including the movie and concert episodes, as well as doing the storyboard for the Yuki reading episode.


Andrew said...

Yeah, I've often wondered about why the guy was fired. Some of the more cynical types claim it was because he didn't like the product placement in Lucky Star. Most likely to me, in a messageboard post I saw a while ago, was that the first 4 LS episodes were rather poorly received and the 2ch otakus were "baying for his blood", so Kyoto Animation (heavily dependant on those types) was forced to let him go.

Westlo said...

Andrew your theory falls apart you look at Munto which was totally mediocre and had no one talking about it on 2ch... Personally I think it's pretty obvious it was studio politics that brought Yamakan done. He does come across as an arrogant person (nothing wrong with that) and he was probably the most known staff member of KyoAni thanks to his OP/EDS.