Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hirano Aya-only TV ep4 -- mangaka's assistant

Another exquisitely amusing hour with Aya. She does some work as an assistant to Zettai Karen Children mangaka Shiina Takashi 椎名高志. And she actually seemed to do a decent job.

Here, from Aya's blog, is a pic of the mangaka with Aya and his staff, including his wife, who is his main assistant:

Aya is holding some of the work she did, which in this case was to add texture ("screen tone") to the character's hair. She also drew radial emphasis lines in the frame, as well as doing screen tone and some inking-in of lines in another frame.

Screen-caps from the show: What are we doing in this residential area? I'm going to be a mangaka's assistant? Can I do that?

The mangaka greets her at the door:

In the cramped studio with the mangaka and four assistants. It is deadline day, and Aya is afraid she will just slow them down:

Filling in black hair:

It took a while to get the radial emphasis lines right:

But after an hour's practice, she did it:

Applying screen tone to Shiho's hat (in her hands). Screen tone comes on an adhesive plastic sheet that you apply to the page and cut out around the place you want to fill in:

This is hardly drawing, but Aya seems to have a steady hand, and was able to do a sufficiently good job with both pen and knife that, as far as we know, her little bit of work will be included in the next volume of the manga.

During the show, she announced that the epsiodes of Hirano Aya-only TV will be collected on DVD, and asked Shiina-sensei to do the cover. He agreed. (No doubt it was a set-up and he had agreed before.)

In other news from Aya's blog, she is now hard at work rehearsing for various live events this summer. With her excellent band:

With Ono Daisuke (left) and Sugita Tomokazu(right):

Wearing her own snazzy sandals:

Taking off her sandals because they hurt her feet:

Watching herself in the mirror as she rehearses:

And still practicing drums, for a later live event. She says she had forgotten how much better the real drums sound than her electronic practice set:

Earlier in the summer, she got a crocheted cap made by Aoki Sayaka (r), who plays Kyon's little sister in Suzumiya Haruhi:

She went to the seaside for a photo-shoot. She's getting used to the sea, and is no longer afraid of the fish:

She stayed in a hotel where she was happy to be able to eat good food anytime she wanted it, and wore a yukata for the first time this summer:


LG said...

Always enjoy your Aya posts. The show continues to be a nice watch and getting to see to see Aya is always a pleasure.

Toonleap said...

Now, this is an episode I am sure will enjoy a lot...Hirano Aya and Manga...Nice combi!

dingmajiao said...

Yeah the show being a nice watch as usual.. Another great episode.. =D

Going to collect the DVDs if it's coming out then..

Andrew said...

I find it amazing that she was able to handle a pen so well with those stylized fingernails. Can she still play guitar like that?

hashi said...

@Andrew -- That was one reason I included the pics of her fingers working. But the nails didn't seem to get in her way at all. I guess it's just a matter of angles, lol.

I was unhappy that she kept using her polite high-pitched, somewhat silly voice, but I think it was a combination of being embarrassed to be trying something she wasn't sure she could do, and feeling she had to be entertaining.

I wonder if they had the DVDs planned from the beginning, or if response has been good enough to warrant DVDs. I suspect the former, whatever the response.

In any case, I was just reading the 2channel Aya thread, and a poster said that she just asked the mangaka to do the cover for this episode, implying that it would be one ep per DVD. The poster hoped there would be DVD extras, like deleted scenes.

dingmajiao said...

would like DVDs extras.. more incentives to buy the DVDs as well..

anyway anyone laughed at the scene when she took out what she bought back for the other manga artist..

as for her voice, i find most of it pleasant apart from those "esho" like when she put on the apron..

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