Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pandora Hearts -- Characters & Seiyuus (great voices, great show)

Pandora Hearts, which began in April and will continue through September, is a terrific show that has attracted fewer fans than it deserves. It has a fascinating story, some good humor, and especially great voice work. Click here for a table showing pics of the characters and their seiyuus.

Kawasumi Ayako is giving what I think is one of the best of her many great performances, as Alice, a young woman trapped in The Abyss, a weird space out of time, her being merged with that of B. Rabbit, a giant black rabbit who is one of the powerful demigod "Chains" who patrol the Abyss. I suppose her character could be called a tsundere, but it is so much more than that.

Her co-star is Minagawa Junko (Ryoma in Prince of Tennis, Cornelia in Code Geass), who plays a young man, Oz Vessalius, who at his coming-of-age ceremony in a vaguely 18th-century setting, is suddenly plunged into the Abyss, and eventually joins Alice as her "contractor."

Add seiyuu like Ishida Akira, Hanazawa Kana, Fukuyama Jun, Ono Daisuke, and Yamaguchi Kappei, and we really have a symphony of the human voice. Ishida Akira is a playful nobleman who is part of an organization called Pandora, which is investigating The Abyss. Kawasumi, Minagawa, and Ishida all give strong and inventive performances that are worthy of awards.

In addition, we have a great OP and sound track from Kajiura Yuki. To me, it sounds like one of her best, and really helps carry the action, of which there is plenty. The OP is so strong that I often find it running through my mind. There are moments in the OP that almost bring tears to my eyes even now, at episode 16.

The animation, by Xebec, has its plus and minus moments, but overall has a very entertaining look, working with ideas from Alice in Wonderland.

Veteran director Kato Takao did Rockman.exe, Buso Renkin, Over Drive, and To LoveRu. Lead writer Sekijima Mayori did Saber Marionette J, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, Zegapain, and Skip Beat. He is working from the popular manga by Mochizuki Jun.

Week after week, Pandora Hearts comes up with interesting events, good forward motion, and strong characterization. Give it a try. And if you do, here is a table showing the characters and their seiyuus. Click here or on the image below to go to the full table:


Glo the Legend said...

I agree, Pandora Hearts is awesome, and no one is giving it respect. Alice is probably my favorite character of the year so far as well (I don't count shows like Hayate or Spice and Wolf, which are continuations or sequels).

Mercurius said...

Pandora Hearts does look like a great show, and Kawasumi Ayako is amazing. The only thing that's keeping me from watching is the constant wait for widescreen episodes to air. Maybe will pick it up again now that there are quite a few HD episodes out now.

RyanA said...

Yes, airing quality is a tough vice on this series. I was fully intrigued, but really wanted to wait for some HQ stuff to amp the experience... but I'm a technical quality snob :/

Serakah said...

Gonna have to disagree here. I watched it up 'til ep 7 or so then just completely lost interest. Not really sure why though.

vivz36 said...


Keep on watching. When you get to episode 10, I can ensure you will fall in love with series xD

Or just read the manga. They have scanlated till chapter 38... where you might explode you head for everything that happens...

But seriously, PH is VERY underrated. The story is so great that you can just ignore the QUALITY animation. I mean, who would want some great animations but lame-ass seiyuus? Nope. Read the manga if you want good graphics.

Viagra Online said...

a friend of mine recommend me this anime, and the true, I end totally happy with the end, of course I desire to wathc more, I can't wait to see the next Alice and Oz adventures.

Roel Jay Echalico said...

i don't know how's this series became a great mystery..but one thing for sure, im just so grateful that it has made so much imagination oozed out from me. the "chains" are great, reflected to Alice in wonderland personas.. it amazing. After all, i dont put so much care about to details nor how other followers stuck their selves on not liking it. But i'd only like to demand for faster release of the next chapter.. i hate waiting. ( also, i'd like to know duke barma and duchess rainsworth more especially ther chains- the DODO and OWL).

Lucia Bondevik said...

This has been a completely awesome show~ Probably one of my favorite characters would have to be Xerxes Break! Candy loving, awesome and a very intriguing character. The young version of Gil was okay, but a bit too sad, I just can't get the word for it.
It's so sad the show if finished now~ TT_TT I'll never get over the sheer hilarity, excitement and joy (not to mention sadness, I thought Gil was dead Ep.1 :( Luckily he isn't~!)
I think I have to start recommending this to people~ And P.S, the voice actors were perfect! Especially for Break! :D