Sunday, August 02, 2009

Spring Anime -- 2channel vs. TV Ratings vs. AnimeSuki

Saki It was interesting to see the differences in popularity for summer shows among 2channel, TV ratings, and AnimeSuki. So I thought I'd look at spring shows. Particularly the ones that are still on.

Fuller lists of figures are below, but Suzumiya Haruhi is the biggest topic of conversation on AnimeSuki, with around 5000 posts for this second season, not counting the 5000 posts of speculation before it started.

Unfortunately, I don't know the Japanese figures: on 2channel, I can't tell how many of the incredible number of over a million posts on Haruhi are from previous years, but clearly it is a very popular show there, too. I don't have access to TV ratings for the show, but the original series three years ago had fairly poor ratings. Hayate no Gotoku and Fullmetal Alchemist also have many posts on 2channel, but I don't know how many of those are from previous years.

Among shows we can clearly know the numbers for, we see drastic differences among the 2channel otaku, the general TV audience, and foreign anime-lovers.

The most popular of the continuing spring shows for which we have 2channel figures is the soft-yuri mah-jong anime, Saki, with almost 200,000 posts. Valkyria Chronicles comes next with only 46,000 posts. Then we see Dragonball Kai and Requiem for the Phantom, with 41,000 each, and Shin Mazinger Z with 35,000.

In TV ratings, the top continuing spring shows are Inazuma Eleven (4.5% of the audience), Mainichi Kaasan (3.9%), Souten Kouro (3.7%), and Uchi no San Shimai (2.6%). Saki is way down at 1.8% of the audience.

On AnimeSuki, Suzumiya Haruhi, with about 5000 posts, and Valkyria Chronicles, with about 3500, are at the top, followed by Saki and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Souten KouroSouten Kouro, a show I like, is high in the TV ratings, but upper-middle of the pack on 2channel, and so low as to be almost out of sight on AnimeSuki.

Requiem for the Phantom has lower-middle TV ratings and 2channel popularity, but is more popular on AnimeSuki.

Pandora Hearts, a third favorite of mine, is even lower in the two Japanese ratings, but fairly high overseas.

In any case, sometimes the two Japanese sources have similar preferences, and sometimes Japanese and foreign otaku are sumilar, with the Japanese general TV audience different.

Here are the figures, partial as they are. Make of them what you will.

2channel (000s)
Suzumiya Haruhi 1416
Saki 197
Hayate no Gotoku 165
Fullmetal Alchemist 58
Valkyria Chronicles 46
Dragonball Kai 41
Requiem for the Phantom 41
Shin Mazinger 35
Inazuma Eleven 26
Basquash 23
Souten Kouro 19
Guin Saga 17
Shangri La 17
Tayutama 15
Tears to Tiara 12
Pandora Hearts 11
Cooking Idol Ai Mai Mine 9
Cross Game 9
Isekai no Seikishi 7
Jewelpet 7
Before Green Gables 6
Beyblade 4
Uchi no San Shimai 3
Mainichi Kaa-san 2
Charady na Joke 1
Hanasakeru Shounen 1
TV Ratings %
Inazuma Eleven 4.5%
Mainichi Kaasan 3.9%
Souten Kouro 3.7%
Uchi no San Shimai 2.6%
Beyblade 2.1%
Hayate 2.1%
Fullmetal Alchemist 2.0%
Phantom 2.0%
Shin Mazinger Z 2.0%
Cross Game 1.9%
Saki 1.8%
Jewelpet 1.3%
Pandora Hearts 0.9%
Basquash 0.6%

AnimeSuki posts
Suzumiya Haruhi ~5000
Valkyria ~3050
Saki 1833
Fullmetal Alchemist ~1200
Pandora Hearts 1103
Basquash 1001
Phantom 911
Dragonball Kai 861
Shangri-la 685
Cross Game 643
Mazinger 618
Guin Saga 508
Natsu no Arashi 491
Tayutama 390
Hanasakeru Shounen 167
Souten Kouro 61
Jewelpet 35

-- 2channel figures as of 1 August.
-- TV ratings for the week of 20 July, from Video Research, via 2channel. Many shows not listed.
-- AnimeSuki figures as of 1 August.
-- TV ratings: top ten for each week can be found on Video Research's own site. Deeper numbers are posted in a 2channel thread called ○今週のテレビアニメ視聴率, a new one of which is started each week in the following forum: アニメサロン@2ch掲示板


NegativeZero said...

In some cases a lack of discussion may simply mean a lack of things to discuss. It stands to reason that Souten Kouro for example would get less discussion on Japanese boards because it's Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a story which most Japanese people I would imagine are already familiar with. The lack of discussion on english forums is probably entirely because there's only one fansub group working it, and they're a long way behind.

I'd also imagine there's some correlation between whether a show is adapted from existing material or is original.

Jura said...

Um, who cares about AnimeSuki? o.O

hashi said...

@NegativeZero -- Good point about whether or not there is a sub -- although I think that shows that could be popular will tend to get subs. That's what I tend to see, anyway.

As for Souten Kouro, I think there is lots to discuss there, particularly in their adaptation of the source to be from Cao Cao's point of view.

And would adaptation from a source mean more discussion than original or less? I'm not immediately sure.

@Jura -- I do. Discussion on AnimeSuki is more interesting than on most blogs, depending on the thread. And there is a lot more of it. By far the best anime forum I know of, with animephiles of all genres and most levels of discussion. Can you suggest better for me?

animekritik said...

Go, jewel pet, go!!

hashi said...

@animekritik -- When it started, I had some hopes for Jewelpet. I thought it might become an Otogijushi Akazukin. But I only got through a few episodes. Should I go back?

@Jura -- Further on AnimeSuki, whatever one's opinion of the discussion, as far as I know it is the English-language anime board with the most posts and posters. so it is a good comparison with 2channel.

Tim said...

@hashi: In my opinion, AnimeSuki and AnimeOnDVD are the only two worthwhile anime forums, although they have slightly different experience bases.

Serakah said...

Is Mainichi Kaasan worth watching a few eps of? I don't usually watch genres I'm not already interested in but I keep hearing about that show.

Also, are you watching Suzumiya 2? The damn flashbacks are going on for 8 eps now and I just fast forward at this point. Wonder if all those posts about it are of people bitching...

Kaioshin Sama said...

@hashi: Lol, but then you're forgetting that I am on animesuki too fulfilling the role of anime spook and almost certainly walking away with the trophy for "most divergent opinion on a forum poster".

Anyway, in every work I've seen Cao Cao has always been portrayed as ambitious to the point of lacking morality and mercy, but not necessarily lacking honour. I think it makes him an interesting figure, but my favourite has always been Liu Bei, because he is more dedicated to honour and justice then either of the other kings, and that's something I look up to. As for Sun Quan, he's never really stood out to me.

hashi said...

@Kaoishin_sama -- You are part of what makes AS so interesting. Divergent opinion ftw. except when we sink into argument, lol.

I think the problem with Liu Bei and company is precisely that they put "honour" above practicality. If they had been a little less devoted to their spurious notions of honour, they might have united China and saved millions of people a lot of suffering. At least Cao Cao kept his eyes on the prize.

And he wrote some decent poetry -- although not as good as his brother Cao Zhi's.