Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hirano Aya-only TV eps 5-6 -- the body of a 45-year-old?

Hirano Aya-only TV is getting deeper and deeper into reality-TV territory. The last two episodes have exposed Aya's athletic deficiencies and medical problems. (click photos to enlarge)

In episode five, the 21-year-old Aya took a standardized series of sports tests -- running, jumping, sit-ups, etc. -- that showed she met the athletic standard of a normal...50-year-old.

In episode six, she underwent a series of tests at an anti-aging centre, and we discovered that she often runs a slight temperature and that her temperature also frequently drops to 35°C (95°F), that her blood pressure is quite low, and that she should gain some weight. Aya also feels she catches cold easily.

The centre's director said her results were what could be expected from a forty-year-old. Maybe we now have our suspicions confirmed as to why she collapsed back in the fall of 2006: her determination is greater than her physical strength.

Most interesting was the daily schedule she showed the medical personnel at the anti-aging centre:

7am -- get up
8am -- breakfast
9am -- leave for work
10am - 2pm -- work
2pm -- lunch
3pm-10pm -- work
10pm -- dinner
11pm-2am -- "homework" (read scripts, watch videos to critique her own performance, etc.)
2am-7am -- sleep

The anti-aging centre's director told her she had to do something about her "irregular" schedule. She should have her meals earlier, both lunch and dinner, and should be sleeping between 11pm and 1am, which is an important time for hormones to be produced in the body. I can vouch for her having a late schedule: some of her blog posts have been time-stamped at 4am.

Just like many other Japanese workers, Aya seems to work too much and sleep too little.

The anti-aging tests were the "premium" series offered by the anti-aging centre, and Aya was shocked to learn that they cost ¥147,000 (about $1470). The centre used a lot of sophisticated medical technology, so the cost seems within reason. No doubt it caters to a wealthy clientele.

First, here are some pics from episode five, her day of athletic testing. One of the people helping with the testing was a 21-year-old member of the gold-medal-winning Japanese women's softball team. I saw their medal-winning match: Aya was right to be impressed.

Aya said from the start that she knew she was not very strong or athletic. She has said before that she even sat out gym classes sometimes, even though she did do all her dance practicing for work.

That's the softball star in the background:

Here are her results:

1. vertical jump -- 33cm (6cm below average for a 21-year-old woman)
2. back-and-forth jump -- 45times (above average)
3. sit-ups -- 19 (above average)
4. back bend from a prone position -- 52cm (above average)
5. bend forward from a seated position -- 42cm (3.5cm blow avg)
6. 20m shuttle run -- 18 times (17 times below avg)
7. handball toss -- 10m (4.3m below avg)
8. standing long-jump -- 1m34cm (32cm below avg)
9. grip strength -- 25kg (3kg below normal)
10. 50m dash -- 9.8sec (0.7sec below normal)

It seems to me that the first few items for which she met or exceeded the average all test things things that are useful in dancing: flexibility, agility, and core strength.

Now we go to episode six, the anti-aging centre. She let the camera see the measurement of her height (158.4cm = 5' 2.4"), but told the camera to leave when it came to weight and "three-sizes." She herself was embarrassed that her weight was above her "ideal weight," but the centre's director later told her she should gain some weight for health. Just as one might expect, an entertainer is happier to be abnormally thin than to be a healthy weight.

With her arm in a blood-pressure machine. She tested out at an excellent 111/58, but she laughed that sometimes her blood pressure is so low it's as if she's dead:

Having blood drawn -- several ampoules of it -- didn't bother her at all. She was a bit proud that other people couldn't take it. The technician said that more men than women had trouble with the sight of their own blood:

This is a test, not a nap:

Getting gel put on for an ultrasound of her neck, which showed that the arteries in her neck were healthy and open:

But her blood cells were a little too clumpy, and the technician said she should drink more liquids. Aya said the clumps of blood cells looked like caterpillars:

Ready for another test:

Hearing the good and bad news from the director: her arteries and bone density are good, but overall she has the constitution of someone in her forties.

Episode six of the monthly hour-long program aired first on 17 September. From glimpses of paperwork in the medical centre, you can see that the testing apparently took place on 17 August. So the show, on FujiTV, seems to have been recorded about a month before it was shown.

You can find streamed versions of episodes one through five by searching "平野綾だけTV" on Google video.


bmk said...

I really enjoyed episode 5 and seeing Aya-chan and athletic endeavors.

Haven't gotten the chance to see episode 6, but it's a little concerning hearing about Aya's health. I really hope she doesn't push herself too hard to the point of doing great harm to herself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the stress of being a public icon in Japan compares to being one in other countries. I know Japan is known to be more culturally oppressive and that fans tend to be a little more extreme, so I imagine it's a bit higher. 可哀そうなあや

hashi said...

For some reason, I feel as if she has at least a bit of a handle on how to deal with all the pressures. After she collapsed in late 2006, she said that she discovered a condition that she was just going to have to live with, but that she now knew how to deal with it. She was told to have more salt.

But I was touched earlier this summer, after a successful concert, when she was so delighted and wrote something in her blog that I interpreted as "I guess I'm still good enough to keep on with a music career." The number of seiyuu roles she has this fall makes me think that she has turned toward a heavier seiyuu schedule, and de-emphasized the music a bit. Not sure.

DS said...

Poor Aya. She is brave to openly have revealed the sorts of things tabloids usually try so hard to find out...

Andrew said...

She's probably in better shape than me. I have the opposite problem; I eat too much. ;)

If Aya's health troubles 3 years ago stemmed from some long-standing condition, has she ever mentioned any problems before then, or when she was little?

I too hope she can manage her health well. Did she seem upset when the doctors told her she had the body of a 45-year-old? She kinda looked it in the pictures.

I wonder if other seiyuus would have similar test results.

hashi said...

I just deleted a comment by Glo because it had swearing in it. The post blamed Aya for being lazy.

She clearly works so hard that you can't call her lazy. She may or may not have done enough sport-type exercise in her life, but I am inclined to believe that her physical problems are a combination of her natural constitution and overwork.

@Andrew -- Aya has said little about her problem three years ago, when she collapsed at a recoding session for Death Note and took a month off work. The only thing she said was that she learned what her problem was and how to deal with it.

I couldn't really tell what she thought when the woman told her her results. I thought she was sad, but also that she had the sort of glint in her eye that said: "Not work so hard? Change my schedule? Not likely."

hashi said...

I just deleted another comment, from "Anonymous," because it contained bad language, as well as having no real content except to laugh at Hirano. The poster should feel free to criticize her, just not to be childish about it.

otakubaka said...

she's very pretty!

anyone know where i can watch this online?

Peanutbutter003 said...

How long can she keep it like this?

It's gonna do a lot of harm to her in the near future. Hopefully she won't be forced to quit with her best years ahead of her.

dingmajiao said...

Dake TV continues to impress me with how they have been doing the entire TV series..

Whether you like it or not depends on if you're a fan or not.. Because most fans will most likely love this TV series.. It's a setup to exhibit purely Aya's natural personality and so far have done it brilliantly..

Aya's sports deficiencies are well documented.. But only really tested.. As much as expected, I was rather surprised she got an analysis of having a athletic body of a 50 year old.. I thought the beep test or 20m shuttle run killed her the most..

@hashi.. I think she might just overwork herself again.. Her second live concert have been decided to be scheduled during December, with a new album to be released in November.. So I think she might have to take care with her workload..

hashi said...

@dingmajiao -- Yeah, I thought the "50 years old" was an exaggeration, based on that outlier result. I've noticed that she's updating her blog less often recently: maybe she is taking more care with her schedule.

@otakubaka -- I expect this will eventually show up in the same place as eps 1-5. I put a search term for Google Video at the very end of the post.

dingmajiao said...

Yeah, probably taking the advices and suggestions that the doctor gave her as well..

Hopefully she does do the advice about more exercise.. Haha..

naokikun said...

Thank you for a summary.
Remind me of the collapse in 2006, hop it doesn't happen again.

I make a link to this post in my blog.

Shana-nee said...

I'm actually quite curious as to what Aaya's problem 3 years ago was, however Lantis is a good company, and they keep it disclosed I think that's a good thing. Although She should take care of herself more and gain weight T_T

Maybe Mizuki Nana was the same and look she is currently gaining weight and looking good =DD. Hirano Aya should do the same as well and follow the doctor.

However changing her schedule and lighten her workload, is maybe a bit hard.

Fighting Aaya-sama!XD

Synaura said...

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