Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pandora Hearts 22 -- Excellent Anime

Pandora Hearts isn't that popular either in Japan or overseas. But it sure is popular with me.

This is a story that is complicated but maintains its emotional consistency and strength. It's a fantasy that I can accept on its own terms. I'm a huge non-fan of anything to do with monsters, but here is a show where the monsters have a human dimension and make sense to me.

And the voice-acting is outstanding, particularly from the stars. Kawasumi Ayako is spot-on as Alice, in all her moods and manifestations. Minagawa Junko gives Oz just the right combination of fresh innocence and determined strength. Ishida Akira shows his talent with the playful and not-so-playful irony in his voice as Break. And Ono Daisuke helps make Jack so attractive and emotionally real. Toriumi Kousuke has given us some great moments as Raven. Yamaguchi Kappei gave us some of his ineffable style as Cheshire. And Hanazawa Kana gives us the ojou-sama version of her unutterably moe voice.

And under it all, supporting and driving it, is the great, great score from Kajiura Yuki. One of the best Ive heard.

Anyway, I just wanted to gush a bit. Here are a few caps from episode 22, some with comments. I thought the drawing was particularly good in this episode.

Gil smokes?!
The return of dominatrix Alice:
Alice's sour expression, lol:
Great atmosphere:


Furuba said...

I really need to catch up O___O Ono Daisuke as Jack?! Omg how did i fall behind. I'm like stuck on 12, hmm... i think i know what to marathon next.
Yuki Kajiura's magic in this series is fantastic. Everytime the trailer preview for next ep comes on... the music is so epic, really, really makes you want to watch the next episode :D!
I love all the seiyuus in this so much!! I love alice :]

Ayumi said...

I totally enjoy watching Pandora Hearts. Xebec did a fair job with the anime adaptation. I love the all round superb voice acting, particularly that of Akira Ishida. He really brought Break's character to life...and needless to say, Break is my favourite character. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good score? I'm down for that.

One of the main reasons I loved Simoun actually.

Anonymous said...

@"Gil smokes", lol, in the manga they had a short/special that went into how he started smoking.

The anime is getting pretty close to where the manga is now; I wonder if they're going to leave it open-ended, or finish the series, or if the manga is going to finish soon.

Either way I agree; Pandora Hearts is excellent. I'm surprised it hasn't been generating as much buzz as it should. Maybe people aren't into the art style as much, but I thought having a Kajiura Yuki score should've at least garnered a substantial following, after her work on Noir, El Cazador de la Bruja (beautiful adaptations of Hispanic music; she really did her research), 舞HiME, and Tsubasa Chronicle.

lironah said...

My favorite part of the episode was when Barma raised his cane at Oz and found Gil's gun and Break's sword pointed at him. Yeah. Take that, creep.

And yes, Ishida-sama is the awesomest.

Miranda said...

It's pretty dang popular in Japan, actually. The manga is always on the top 25 sellers across genres, usually in the top 10 the first week of its release...