Saturday, October 17, 2009

Darker than Black 2 -- character/seiyuu pics and info

Darker than Black's second season, Ryuusei no Gemini ("meteor twins") is off to a good start, with intrigue, excellent backgrounds and animation, well-choreographed action, interesting characters, and a mix of star seiyuus, workmanlike seiyuus, and some little-known but interesting voices.

Click here or on the image to go to the full table, which gives pics and info for sixteen voice actors in this show:

Hei is played by Kiuchi Hidenobu, who became one of my favorite male voices with his role as Ren in NANA. He was also Dr. Tenma in Monster, and showed his versatility by doing an amazing job as Izumida, Ryouko's long-suffering sidekick in Ryouko's Case Files.

Suou, amazingly, is played by Hanazawa Kana, who has the moe-est voice in anime, but uses a young but non-moe voice here. She is only 20 and keeps proving that she has the talent to grow.

I hope we see more of Shion, since the voice goddess Kuwashima Houko (Shuurei in Saiunkoku) is her VA. Saiga Mitsuki, Mizuki Nana, Honda Takako -- there are some big names here. But there are also a couple of intriguing young seiyuu: the multi-talented actress/singer Ishikawa Yui plays Tanya, and complete unknown Moritani Satomi plays Elena.

And we have two seiyuu who really make their living by dubbing foreign movies in Japanese. Honda Takako is the voice of Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, and Hilary Swank. Hori Katsunosuke has dubbed the movie voices of Michael Caine, Alain Delon, Kurt Russell, and Harrison Ford.

The large number of lesser-known seiyuus made this a time-consuming page to create. I know few people pay as much attention to these pages as I do: I use them through each season, to keep the characters straight and learn more about the seiyuus.

I have made quite a few of these pages over the past three or four years. The total is now up to 42. Here is the complete list:

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Links to these and other pages -- some which I have made and others which I think might be useful -- can be found on my home page, which is really a links page, I guess. It does explain the origin of the name of this blog, anyway.


Anonymous said...

No pics/info on Yin ? >_<

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- Fukuen Misato is not in the cast list or on the official site's characters page, although she was in the end-credits for ep2, after Yin's brief and ghostly appearance. I suspect we may not hear her except in flashbacks. I've added her just for good measure. Thanks for noticing.

Anonymous said...

I was just nitpicking a bit =P, Hopefully she does show up more, but probably not until near the end of the season >_<.

Thanks for the info~ Time to check out the stuff Suou's VA did~ Really love her role in this ~~

Shinmaru said...

Yeah, I hope to see much more of Shion, too. The more I have heard her, the more Houko Kuwashima has grown to be my favorite female seiyuu. She has such a sick range.

Can't remember the last time I heard Mitsuki Saiga play a woman, haha.

Emily said...

Kuwashima houko! <3

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I saw the both seasons but I didn't like the second one, because was completly out of the story for me and the part when Hei lost his powers as a contratist.
Thanks, nice post.

Anonymous said...

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