Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Season Begins -- list of shows starting in the next few days

Sasameki KotoThe fall season gets going in earnest today, with three shows:
  • Asura Cryin' 2 -- second season of the supernatural mecha romance
  • Kämpfer -- a guy turns into a girl, enabling him to fight in a kind of ongoing tournament; stars Inoue Marina and Horie Yui
  • Nyan Koi -- romantic comedy about a guy who hates cats, but has to be nice to them or he will turn into one. Directed by the director of Hayate 1.

Friday, we have five shows:
  • To -- a pair of 3DCG space fiction stories by the director of Appleseed and Vexille
  • The Book of Bantorra -- shounen fantasy adventure starring Paku Romi, Ogawa Tohru, Sawashiro Miyuki, and Tomatsu Haruka.
  • To Aru Kagaku no Railgun -- spin-off from To Aru Majutsu no Index, directed by the director of Toradora
  • White Album season 2 -- continuation of the romance drama starring Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya
  • Seitokai no Ichizon -- school comedy adapted by Hanada Jukki from Aoi Sekina's novels.

Saturday, five more:
  • Seiken no Blacksmith -- shounen mediaeval fantasy adventure with a good cast, an interesting-sounding story, and a dubious staff
  • Shugo Chara Party! -- third year of the smash hit shoujo supernatural romantic adventure
  • Tegami Bachi -- heartwarming fantasy starring Sawashiro Miyuki
  • Tentai Senshi Sun Red -- bizarre shounen/seinen comedy
  • Inuyasha: The Final Act -- the final season of the classic shounen adventure series begins

Five more on Sunday:
  • Yumeiro Pâtissière -- a young girl (played by Yuuki Aoi, who was Murasaki in Kurenai) wants to become a top pastry-maker
  • Sora no Otoshimono -- ecchi romantic comedy featuring Hayami Saori as a buxom angel with incredible powers who falls to earth and becomes the servant (sort of) of the shounen protagonist.
  • Kanokon OVA 1 -- ecchi is too mild a word for this romantic comedy featuring a buxom fox-woman, a loli wolf-girl, and a shouta.
  • Natsu no Arashi 2 -- second season of Shinbou's romantic comedy featuring time-travel, Sanpei Yuuko, Shiraishi Ryouko, and Nazuka Kaori.
  • Miracle Train -- bishounen comedy personifies stations on a Tokyo subway line as beautiful boys.

Kimi ni TodokeMonday:
  • Shin Koihime Musou -- second season of the amusing ecchi comedy that turns Three Kingdoms heroes into yuri girls.
  • Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu -- magical girl comedy starring Yuuki Aoi
  • Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 -- second season of the moe romantic comedy starring Noto Mamiko

  • Kyou no 5 no 2 Takarabako -- another OVA for the heartwarming/ecchi grade-school comedy
  • Kobato -- shoujo romantic adventure from CLAMP, starring Hanazawa Kana
  • Kimi ni Todoke -- shoujo romance from an excellent manga, adapted by Kanparu Tomoko (Nodame cantabile) and starring Noto Mamiko, Namikawa Daisuke, Sanpei Yuuko, and Sawashiro Miyuki
  • 11eyes -- fantasy adventure starring Ono Daisuke and adapted from an ero-game

Wednesday 7 October:
  • ToHeart2 adplus -- ep2 of another OVA for the classic moe comedy. A chance to hear Ochiai Yurika.
  • Cheburashka Arere? -- kids show about a stowaway creature, from a Russian story
  • Sasameki Koto -- yuri romance comedy/drama starring Takagaki Ayahi. One of the shows I am most looking forward to.

Thursday 8 October:
  • Darker than Black 2 -- second season of the dark sci-fi mystery adventure starring Kiuchi Hidenobu and directed by Okamura Tensai (Wolf's Rain)

For the remainder of the season, check my weekly schedule and full preview post.


Anonymous said...

Your description for Kampfer made me lol. Hahahaha

razorcat said...

egads I'm not even done watching this past seasons shows!

izu ting ting said...

omg i'm soooo looking forward to watch kimi ni todoke!!!!

miracle train<--is it a shoujo anime?sounds like a funny one.

hashi said...

@izu ting ting -- I just have no idea what Miracle Train is going to be like. Maybe a comedy like Hetalia Axis Powers? Shoujo? Not sure. It's aimed at girls more than guys, anyway. As for Kimi ni Todoke, I'm really looking forward to it, too. Love the manga.