Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hirano Aya Turns 22

She seems to have been around forever, but Hirano Aya turns 22 today. She said in her blog yesterday that there were so many things she still wanted to do while she was 21, but oh, well.

She's doing enough this fall: White Album, Fairy Tale, Kimi ni Todoke, Queen's Blade, To, Dragonball Kai, Jewelpet, Duel Masters movie, Hirano Aya Only TV, Dragonball live-action movie, four new games coming, a new photo book, magazine photo shoots (Okinawa last week), the Lantis Festa, a new album in November, a new tour in December.

Hope her health holds up and she keeps seizing every opportunity to get better and better at what she does. I loved her as Haruhi again, and her weak little voice in White Album is a dart to the heart at all times. How will she approach Lucy in Fairy Tail?

Photo taken last Friday. Click to enlarge. From Aya's blog.

Happy Birthday, Aya!

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bmk said...

Happy birthday Aya-chan.

animekritik said...

hopefully she'll pace herself!!

happy b-day to her.

Ray Hu said...

I hope Aya-chan takes care of her health. She needs an entire week of sleep and good eatin'.

RIPstan said...

Otanjyou-bi Omedetou Aya-chan.

Looking forward to see her role in Fairy Tail as Lucy Heartfilia! It will be a hit!

Will said...

so curious she has the same exact age that i have! Happy birthday! for her too :p

dingmajiao said...

Yeah.. Think she will manage her schedule better this time wrong.. Lots of jobs for her and happy for us, the viewers.. =D

Just finished watching Aya Dake 7 which was just pure brilliant.. The staff are really doing a good job with this TV show..

Ailf said...

LOL I can't believed i missed this
happt belated birthday ayachan~!!

Evangelly said...

YAYYY!!! I know it's kind of late. . . Y_Y
but Happy B.Day Aya-san! :D

I have a question. . . by Dragon Ball Live Action what did U mean!? a japanese movie version or just the dubbing of the american version!? sorry I got confused XD!