Monday, October 05, 2009

Love Plus Dating Game Sales Top 100,000 in a Month

Anime producers must be red with envy as they see Konami's Love Plus DS game reach sales of over 100,000 units within a month of its release.

That is already over double the entire 2008 sales of high-selling Code Geass R2 DVD1.

Hayami Saori, however, must be thrilled. Her character in the game, Takane Manaka, has become wildly popular. Today, many fans are celebrating Manaka's October 5 birthday (see photo).

On second thought, Hayamin may be getting a bit weirded out by now. After all, she is now the girlfriend of tens of thousands of Japanese otaku, who are no doubt doing unspeakable things in her virtual presence.

A recent story on Sankaku Complex (a site definitely not safe for work, and the source of much of my information here) says that game-players are even figuring out what perfume to buy and apply to their DS consoles to simulate a fuller olfactory experience of their virtual romance.

As the slogan on 2channel goes: "Who needs real women when you have Love Plus?"
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omo said...

So many great outfits for the girls too...

Happy birthday Manaka!

ShinXII said...

too bad it is not in english

Anonymous said...

Considering the current state of Japan's workforce and the growing gap between the young and the elderly, and population growth problems

You'd wonder if games like this don't do much but add to the problem, or if it's just speculation and the whole "2d is better than 3d" craze is just a small isolated segment of the population.

Dating said...

What is written on the plate?

Anonymous said...

"What is written on the plate?"

Manaka. Happy Birthday.

mike said...

Hope u get to go with me to nene's party with me, manaka.



Nene:"Calm down, Manaka. you look very nice, what in that red 2-piecer with white polkadots. you'll draw him right out."

Manaka:"maybe..maybe he will show up...:"
Me:"Manaka, i'm here

Manaka:My baby's here!Come on, nene..we're sealing the nine-tailed fox off for good. How do you like my suit.

Me:It's good