Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sasameki Koto -- character/seiyuu pics and info

Sasameki Koto is this season's yuri school romance. The manga is less subtle but more comic than Aoi Hana. The anime is a good watch so far. And it stars Takagaki Ayahi, who is doing an amazing job.

Her co-star, Takamoto Megumi, is also doing very well. Here is a table with pictures of the main characters and their seiyuus, including some info about each seiyuu.

The third role is played by Katou Emiri, who continues to roll toward stardom. Check out the pic of her, which is from the cover of her album. She always looks good, but not always this good.

And Saitou Chiwa gives us her first performance since triumphing as Senjougahara in Bakemonogatari.

EDIT: I just saw episode 2, which was brilliant: funny and deep, with excellent backgrounds, music, and voice-acting, not just from Takagaki Ayahi, but also from Shimizu Ayaka as Masaki.

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Serakah said...

One sided romance galore, instant drama with tears included, cross-dressing...all in the first two episodes! I'm still not sure what to make of it. Better than Kiddy-Girl And though IMO.

AnimeShippuuden said...

Thanks For Sharing!