Monday, November 02, 2009

fripSide's Railgun OP PV, with seiyuu Nanjou Yoshino

I've been enjoying the OP to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. The happy, energetic music suits the show so well.

But I didn't realize that seiyuu Nanjou Yoshino 南條愛乃 is now the voice of fripSide until I saw the PV:

I was one of a vanishingly small number of people who liked her character Koko in DC II: Da Capo II. I think lots of people liked her as Maria in Canaan. She plays a character called Maya in Railgun

I did know that she herself was quite attractive (see photos below), with rather unique features. But I had no idea she could sing like this. Not that what she does in this song is that complicated, and not that her voice may not have various electronic assists here, but it really works.

fripSide was formed in 2002 by female vocalist/lyricist nao (now aged 24) and male music producer sat (Yaginuma Satoshi 八木沼悟志, now aged 35). They were a fixture in the doujin music world until 2006, when they joined the Visual Art's agency and started doing game music. In 2008, they did the Koihime Musou OP "flower of bravery."

In March of 2009, nao announced that she was leaving the group. In July, Nanjou (now aged 25) was announced as her successor. Nanjou doesn't have that certain something that nao did, but still sounds good. I look forward to nao's rumored solo career.

Japanese Wikipedia compares the group to I've, eufonius, and Elements Garden. It says their music is based in techno and J-pop, but that sat's keyboard work introduces elements of Euro-beat and trance.

Here is the fripSide PV of "flower of bravery," with nao and sat:

You can search YouTube for lots more of their music.

Here are some photos. Mouseover for captions, click to enlarge:

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Anonymous said...

"Nanjou doesn't have that certain something that sat did, but still sounds good. I look forward to sat's rumored solo career."
Shouldn't that be nao instead of sat? ^^

hashi said...

@anonymous -- Yup. Thanks. Shows how familiar with the group I was before today, lol. I liked "flower of bravery," but really didn't know the group.

Anonymous said...

Hiyo hashi, this is off topic, but, have you seen Angel Heart? It's an anime from 2005... the description never was too exciting for me, and the art style is more older, but, I watched a couple of episodes, and I found it a little difficult to put down. The soundtrack accents the directing very well, and it has an interesting blend of psychological elements and romantic elements and trauma. It's also not exceedingly violent, for a show about an assassin with a heart transplant. I found it compelling and thought you might like it, unless you already saw a couple of eps and thought it was a dud.

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I keep hearing about it but haven't seen it. I might or might not have watched an ep at the time. I'll put it on the list. Thanks.