Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hayami Saori Interview Streamed

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some screencaps from a TV interview with stellar young singer/seiyuu Hayami Saori. Now part of that interview has shown up on YouTube:

The host (left) is MAKO, 23, whose best-known role was Yurie in Kamichu. Her show is called Anime Seijin. On the surface, this means a person or people "from Planet Anime," but it is also a bit of a pun: seijin is literally "star-person," so the title also implies "Anime Stars."

Hayamin, 18, is now playing Ikaros in Sora no Otoshimono, and two Eden of the East movies will come out in December and January, with her playing Saki. She is part of the singing duo Blue Drops, whose OP for SoraOto came out last week, and has been doing passably well, lurking in the mid-20s in the charts. She is also Manaka in the popular DS dating game Love Plus.

In this part of the interview, Hayamin talks about herself rather than her roles. Asked what she is like as a person, she says that she is basically cheerful and up-beat. She likes to go out with her friends, joking constantly as they shop and eat.

She has played piano since kindergarten, and loves classical music, especially Debussy and Chopin. She and her mother took jazz-singing classes together. She has never played jazz or Latin music, although she'd like to try Latin. MAKO says she herself was once part of a Latin group.

Hayamin has also studied drawing, as well as taking lessons in swimming and tennis. But she says she is not that athletic, and likes the arts better.

She has loved to cook since elementary school, when she would sometimes help her mother, or even cook something simple when her mother was ill. She does things like curry and miso and stir-fried vegetables.

MAKO says that she finds cooking dangerous. Hayamin admits that she has hurt her hands often, mainly by burning them on hot pots or with boiling miso. She also bakes cookies and pound cake, and uses her family's new waffle iron.

MAKO expresses admiration for Saori's abilities, and says she can't swim, doesn't play tennis, and draws badly. Saori responds with intense courtesy -- as much courtesy as is consonant with her evident youthful pride and desire to show herself at her best.

Near the end of the interview, they discover that they both love suspense and police dramas. I can picture an anime with Hayamin as the serious young detective and MAKO as her scatterbrained but talented side-kick.

People commenting on Hayamin often describe her as a "shikkari" person: someone who is steady, capable, and reliable. And so she seems.

I'm not sure how the producers of Anime Seijin feel about this video appearing on YouTube. If anyone notices it has been taken down, please let me know, so I can change the post.


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