Sunday, November 15, 2009

noitaminA Shows' TV Ratings

The noitaminA anime timeslot began showing on FujiTV in April 2005. It was set up with the intention of expanding late-night anime viewership beyond the typical young male demographic to include girls and women, and young adults. "noitaminA" is "Animation" spelled backwards.

By all accounts, noitaminA has been a fair success. In its late Thursday evening timeslot (varying between 11pm and 1am), shows such as Honey & Clover, Nodame Cantabile, and Hataraki Man had audiences that were apparently more balanced between males and females, and ratings have been good to great for almost all shows.

One episode of Nodame Cantabile had a rating over 6% of the audience, putting it well within the top ten, which is dominated by "family" (i.e., kids') shows and young-shounen shows.

Here is a list of all 17 noitaminA shows, by average TV rating, taken from a post on 2channel. The number at the right is the number of the show in the sequence of noitaminA shows:

4.80 Hakaba Kitarou 10
4.62 Nodame Cantabile Paris 13
4.56 Moyashimon 9
4.39 Nodame Cantabile 7
4.00 Hataraki Man 6
3.96 Eden of the East 15
3.56 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 16
3.50 ~ayakashi~ 3
3.50 Jyu Oh Sei 4
3.48 Mononoke 8
3.47 Library War 11
3.45 Antique Bakery 12
3.32 Genji Monogatari Sennenki 14
3.20 Honey & Clover 2 5
3.19 Paradise Kiss 2
3.04 Honey & Clover 1
2.66 Trapeze 17

Hakaba Kitaro, a well-made cartoon in the style of popular family shows, did best of all. But Nodame Cantabile was a huge hit, too. The somewhat educational Moyashimon ("Tales of Agriculture") did very well, as did the wonderful semi-realistic comedy/drama Hataraki Man.

Two of this year's shows, Eden of the East and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, did pretty well, coming in just under 4% of the audience. That surprises and pleases me, since I loved both shows.

The most recent show, Trapeze (Kuchuu Buranko) may be the most unusual and experimental, and so far has the lowest ratings. It seems to be stabilizing its viewership just under the 3% mark.

Honey & Clover, the first show in the series, did okay, but not as well as later shows. Maybe it would have done better if it had been shown more recently, after people got used to watching anime in this timeslot. I'm not sure why such a great show sits so low here.

For reference, here is a chronological list of noitaminA shows, from Wikipedia, showing dates, number of episodes, and animation studio:

1 Honey and Clover April 14, 2005 - September 26, 2005 24 episodes J.C.Staff
2 Paradise Kiss October 13, 2005 - December 30, 2005 12eps Madhouse
3 Ayakashi January 13, 2006 - March 24, 2006 11 Toei Animation
4 Jyu Oh Sei April 13, 2006 - June 22, 2006 11eps Bones
5 Honey and Clover II June 29, 2006 - September 14, 2006 12eps J.C.Staff
6 Hataraki Man October 12, 2006 - December 21, 2006 11eps Gallop
7 Nodame Cantabile January 11, 2007 - June 28, 2007 23eps J.C.Staff
8 Mononoke July 12, 2007 - September 09, 2007 12eps Toei Animation
9 Moyashimon October 11, 2007 - December 21, 2007 11eps Shirogumi and Telecom Animation Film
10 Hakaba Kitarou January 10, 2008 - March 21, 2008 11eps Toei Animation
11 Toshokan Sensou April 12, 2008 - June 26, 2008 12eps Production I.G
12 Antique Bakery July 3, 2008 - September 18, 2008 12eps Nippon Animation and Shirogumi
13 Nodame Cantabile: Paris October 9, 2008 - December 18, 2008 11eps J.C.Staff
14 Genji January 15, 2009 - March 26, 2009 11eps TMS Entertainment and Tezuka Productions
15 Eden of the East April 9, 2009 - June 18, 2009 11eps Production I.G
16 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 July 9, 2009 - September 17, 2009 11eps Bones, Kinema Citrus
17 Trapeze October 2009 - December 2009 11eps Toei Animation

My own favorites? Honey & Clover, Hataraki Man, Eden, TM8, Genji, and Paradise Kiss. I think the TV drama spoiled me for Nodame Cantabile, lol.


psgels said...

The reason why Paradise Kiss and Honey and Clover is probably because they aired at the timeslot's infancy: nobody knew it at the time, and it wasn't the famous timeslot that it is now. It's interesting that it already started to catch on in 2006 with Ayakashi and Hataraki Man, which brought in a significant increase in viewers.

My favourites are so far are TM8.0, Nodame Cantabile, Ayakashi and Hakaba Kitarou.

Anonymous said...

Honey and Clover made noitaminA into what it is.

Some of the other shows are simply riding on the established popularity of the timeslot. I don't mean to say that they're bad shows, but not all of them have pioneering potential (I think the miserable failure of NOISE also proved that quality isn't enough. You need the right combination of quality, broadcast time, and property appeal to successfully launch a slot).

Chris K. said...

I don't find it the least bit surprising that Nodame Cantabile, Eden of the East, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 are more highly rated than either Paradise Kiss or Honey and Clover, to me those shows have a more mainstream viewing audience.

My favorite out of all of noitaminA shows has to be Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and the Nodame Cantabile series.

hashi said...

@Chris K. -- You make a good point. Nodame Cantabile in particular was a tremendously popular manga. And Honey&Clover is definitely less mainstream.

I'm going to have to give Kawasumi-san's Nodame another try. Ueno Juri's Nodame in the drama just fixed herself in my mind, and none of the plot developments surprised me, since I'd seen the drama.

Paradise Kiss was an unusual show and lots of people at the time found it a pretty odd anime. I was one of the few who really liked it, in the forums I saw.

@anonymous -- Honey&Clover may have given the slot cachet among producers, but I don't think the general public loved it as much as some of the rest of us did.

@psgels -- But I still agree with you that H&C and PK would have done better if they had aired more recently. Still, they were not really mainstream shows. The romance was strange and unsatisfying in both of them.

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