Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sanpei-Koshimizu Dream Attack!

From Koshimizu Ami and Sanpei Yuuko's blogs today:

First Amisuke posted the left-hand pic of Yuuyu, with the comment: "Dream attack on your heart!" (22:51 Japan time) Then Yuuyu posted the right-hand pic of Amisuke, with the text: "Got her!" (22:57 Japan time).

So they are together at 11 pm on a Wednesday night.... Someone had better stop me (not). I take this stuff too seriously.

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Poll: Top Seiyuus of 2008

Paku RomiWhile we still remember their performances, I thought we might vote for the top seiyuus of 2008 in our own international seiyuu awards. And then when the Japanese Seiyuu Awards come out in early March, we can compare our choices with those.

Here are eight separate polls, one for each category:
-- top male and female in leading roles
-- top male and female in supporting roles
-- top male and female "new" seiyuu (first role in 2003 or later)
-- top seiyuu/singer
-- top "personality" (i.e., TV/radio personality).

Miyano MamoruVote for the seiyuus who you thought did the best work in 2008. Don't feel you have to vote in every category. Voting deadline 24:00h GMT, Wed. 21 Jan. I'll post a summary of the results then.

Polls are hosted on and take a few seconds to appear below:

Monday, January 12, 2009

White Album -- Characters & Seiyuus

Here's some love for the unjustly maligned new anime White Album. Through two episodes, it is a promising seinen drama with complex relationships and characters who all seem to have unexpected aspects.

One thing it has is a fascinating cast, with a range of famous, infamous, and neglected voice actors. Mizuki Nana, Hirano Aya, Maeno Tomoaki, Paku Romi, Sakaguchi Daisuke, Hayami Shou....

To help keep the characters and the cast-members straight, I have made a table with pics of the main characters and voice-actors, along with a bit of info about the voice-actors' previous roles:

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