Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jewelpet -- Characters and Seiyuus

Jewelpet is a Sunday morning anime for young girls, and is a tie-in with a line of stuffed toys from Sanrio and Sega.

But in fact, it's not half bad.

And it has a very interesting cast. It's intended as a vehicle for Morning Musume member Kamei Eri, who does a decent job for a new seiyuu. And singer/TV personality Akina is also trying her hand at seiyuu work. So are some good seiyuu: Hirano Aya, Sawashiro Miyuki, the burbling lisp of Sasaki Nozomi, former child star Saitou Ayaka, lovely-voiced veteran Shishido Rumi, Takeuchi Junko, and apparently even Miyano Mamoru.

So I've made a characters and seiyuus page for the show:

The show is directed by first-timer Sasaki Nanako, but the writer is Maekawa Jun, who adapts Prince of Tennis for anime, did Sisters of Wellber and is doing Fresh Precure. Character design by Onegai My Melody character designer Miyakawa Tomoko. From Studio Comet, which does Onegai My Melody and School Rumble. The show is slated for 52 episodes.

I'm hoping for something as good as Otogijushi Akazukin. The animation and art aren't quite as good, but the cast is similarly interesting (Sawashiro Miyuki is in both shows), and the writing is so far not too puerile.

In fact, I enjoyed the first two episodes, in which the first two of three pairs of human girl and jewelpet form. A large number of jewelpets has fallen from their magic Jewel Land to Earth, and the one remaining jewelpet is sent down to find the rest. In the process, the magic jewelpets help their human partners with various problems.

With so many singers in the show, can character CDs and live events be in the works? Contractual complexities might prevent it, but we'll see.

I will continue to update the page as new characters appear.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Higashi no Eden -- character and seiyuu pics and info

I've made a page showing the characters in Higashi no Eden and their voice actors, with info and pics for both character and seiyuu.

There are twelve characters, including eight whom we haven't seen in episode one.

There is some slightly spoilerish info, including the fact that a fellow college student Saki's age has had an unrequited crush on her since high school. He was also on the trip to New York, and is the one who would have called Saki when she was at the White House -- if she had left her mobile phone on.

Here are three of the new characters. Click image to go to the page:

And there are some more characters who have Selecao numbers like Akira.

The Higashi no Eden radio show, featuring Hayami Saori and Kimura Ryouhei, has begun. Fin the first broadcast on the radio official site or, failing that, on NicoNico. The stars do a good job, creating a nice atmosphere. Hayamin is more experienced at radio, despite being sevenyears younger, so Kimura refers to her as "Hayami Onee-san." A new fifty-minute show will be posted every two weeks.

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