Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sanpei Yuuko to Star in .hack//Link Anime

As reported elsewhere, a .hack//Link anime will be released sometime next year, as a tie in with the .hack//Link PSP game, which will come out in February.

Delighted to be starring in the project is the excellent young seiyuu Sanpei Yuuko, who was Nakiami in Bounen no Xamdo and is Hajime in Natsu no Arashi.

This will not be a TV series, but an OVA or movie of some kind. It will be done entirely in CG.

.hack//Link is intended to be the last release in the entire .hack franchise, according to the announcement. Sanpei-san says that she feels pressure, being the heroine of the last .hack title.

The picture, from Sanpei's blog, shows her pointing at a sign that says ".hack Cast Waiting Room," backstage at the announcement event.

Yuuyu (Sanpei Yuuko's nickname) seems to be getting roles in long-running franchises. She plays Dokubon in Yatterman. In her blog, she has a photo of herself with veteran seiyuu Ohara Noriko, who plays Doronjo in Yatterman, and has been Nobita Nobi in the Doraemon shows. Sanpei says that Yatterman was a fun show to do, that she was surrounded by "kind senpai" and learned a lot from them. And of course, Sanpei was Cure Dream in Precure 5.

The movie repackaging of Eureka Seven earlier this year meant that her role as Renton Thurston again entered the public eye. And she is just about to begin the second season of Natsu no Arashi, in which she plays the main protagonist, Hajime.

Yuuyu has a wide range: she is a top choice for young boy roles (Renton and Hajime), but also can do young magical girls (Cure Dream) and older teen adventure heroines (Nakiami).

She will have a major role in this fall's promising shoujo anime Kimi ni Todoke, as Chizuru.

Yuuyu is well known as a long-time close friend of Koshimizu Ami. They often mention each other in their respective blogs.