Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hanamaru Kindergarten -- characters/seiyuus pics and info

I've got to say that this season isn't as great as the past two, but there are still some enjoyable shows to watch. Based on one episode, Hanamaru Kindergarten seems to be one: Kodomo no Jikan without as much suggestiveness or angst. So cute your teeth will rot, and with a little salutary darkness lurking beneath the surface.

It has a fascinating voice crew. Shindou Kei (Anzu) is a link to Kodomo no Jikan, having played Kuro. But Takagaki Ayahi comes from starring in Phantom and Sasameki Koto to play Hiiragi. Now that's range. And MAKO comes from her popular anime interview TV show -- and before that, from playing Yurie in Kamichu -- to play Koume.

Click here or on the image below to go to a full characters/seiyuus page:

Kitamura Eri's radio girl-friend Hirota Shion plays a girl called Satsuki. The talented Ise Mariya plays Hinagiku -- one of her four current roles, which include roles in Ladies v. Butlers, Durarara, and Ookamikakushi.

Veteran seiyuu Honna Youko plays Anzu's mother. Years ago, she was the star of one of my two favorite anime movies, Whisper of the Heart (the other is 5cm/sec). Fujimura Ayumi, who is the heroine of Seikon no Qwaser, plays the little boy Ryouta. And Saitou Chiwa will show up as Mayumi.

If you're interested -- and can stand the cutesy voices -- here is a video featuring the seiyuus for the three starring kids: (l-r) Takagaki Ayahi (Hiiragi), Shindou Kei (Anzu), and MAKO (Koume).


Kamon said...

It's been five years since Kamichu!...I'd hardly call that MAKO's last role. Rather, her debut.

This is also further indication of just how few people actually watched Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, which is a shame.

Serakah said...

I couldn't stop thinking of Potemayo when I was watching this one, is it the same author or something?

So far I'm liking Sora no Woto, Vampire Bund, Durarara!, Baka to Test, and this show. Definitely not as good as past seasons.

Any surprise hits for you?

hashi said...

@Kamon -- Quite true. I knew about that role, but only watched a couple of eps of SoraKake. Just not my thing. But really, MAKO has done very few roles: one in 2005, one in 2006, four in 2008, two in 2009, and this. She become successful as an interviewer last year (and she is very good) and certainly makes more money that way. By the way, she apparently graduated from college last year in clinical psychology. That may show in her interviewing skills.

@Serakah -- You and I seem to like most of the same shows. Except that I am a little lukewarm after one ep of Baka to Test, and I liked the first ep of Seikon no Qwaser. I have read ahead in that manga, however, and am not sure the story really goes anywhere. But I liked the characters. I am eagerly awaiting Nodame 3, and (with some reservations) Katanagatari.

hashi said...

@Serakah -- I just checked, and I see absolutely no staff connection between Potemayo and this. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, lol. The basic story seems quite different, but they seem to have adapted it in some similar ways.

Serakah said...

Ah maybe it was just a coincidence. I kept thinking the little girl should have a flower bud sticking out of her head though lol.

I officially love Baka to Test after watching the second episode. Not sure how accurate the translations that gg made are but it was hilarious.

Still have S2 of Hidamari Sketch on my HD, I should get around to watching it so I can watch S3.

Completely off topic but I thought you might find this amusing:


Pay especially close attention to 0:41-0:44 and 0:54-0:55. Made me have the urge to just stop watching anime for a bit. /sadface

2DT said...

It's so funny that the voice of Cecily is now playing a little punk-ass boy.

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