Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Shows: Popularity on 2channel vs. AnimeSuki

As usual, the amount of interest in various shows differs somewhat -- but not entirely -- between Japan and the West.

On 2channel, the new show garnering the most interest is clearly Sora no Oto, followed by Baka to Test, Seikon no Qwesar, Durarara and Hanamaru Kindergarten, in that order.

On AnimeSuki, Baka to Test and Durarara are tied for the lead, with Vampire Bund and Sora no Oto in a second tier.

Those last two shows differ considerably, however, in that over half of the posts on Vampire Bund are negative, some virulently so. In the West, the show is a lightning rod for criticism; in Japan, there's just a middling amount of interest in it to begin with.

Katanagatari and Omamori Himari are the next tier. Katanagatari is already quite popular in the West, even though only one episode has aired.

Here are the tables:

2channel (1000s of posts)
Sora no Oto 34
Baka to Test 18
Seikon no Qwesar 14
Durarara 13
Hanamaru 12
Vampire Bund 9
Omamori Himari 8
Katanagatari 5
Ookamikakushi 5
Ladies x Butlers 5
Chuu-bra 3
Kaitou Reinya 1

AnimeSuki (posts)
Baka to Test 774
Durarara 774
Vampire Bund 670
Sora no Oto 660
Ookamikakushi 468
Katanagatari 375
Omamori Himari 360
Seikon no Qwesar 262
Ladies x Butlers 251
Hanamaru 185
Hidamari Sketch 137
Chuu-bra 127
Nodame Finale

Ladies x Butlers is somewhat more appreciated in the West. Hanamaru Kindergarten is much more appreciated in Japan. Seikon no Qwesar ranks higher in Japan, too. The strange but actually pretty good show Chuu-bra is not much appreciated in either place, lol.

Some shows are missing from the 2channel list because I couldn't easily find a thread, or because they include posts for previous seasons of a show, and so were not comparable with new shows' threads. Shows are missing from the AnimeSuki list because I couldn't find a thread.

I'd make comparisons with Japanese TV ratings, but most shows do not appear on stations for which data are available.


Yucchi said...

I initially planned on skipping Vampire Bund, but I'll give it a chance, just to see if those nay-sayers have any justification. Seeing that it's directed by Shinbou, I probably might stick with it all the way, however.

On the other hand, Baka to Test and Sora no Oto are what I expected, but on Seikon no Qwaser, I guess the West hates the usual fanservice anime. Or rather, Animesuki, for that matter.