Monday, January 11, 2010

So·Ra·No·Wo·To -- characters/seiyuus pics/info

Here's another new show with an excellent cast.

So·Ra·No·Wo·To gives a new seiyuu a chance to star, and she sounds like she has been doing it for years.

Kanemoto Hisako (front left) stars as Kanata, and sounds a lot like -- maybe too much like -- Toyosaki Aki as Yui in K-On. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since Aki is the moe voice of the moment in anime.

With Kanemoto are Kobayashi Yuu (front right) as her superior Rio, and Kitamura Eri (back left) as the intense Kureha. Endou Aya (back right) brings her gentle voice as the soothing Felicia. And 17-year-old Yuuki Aoi (back centre) gives us yet another voice, as she zooms up the ranks.

Yuuki-san was Murasaki in Kure-nai three years ago, but starting last fall, she is now becoming a real star. She is in three other current shows: starring as Ichigo in Yumeiro Patissiere, starring as Mina Tepes in Dance in the Vampire Bund, and as Riko in Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzoo. And every one of those voices is different. She has been a child actress for years, playing in ten TV dramas and three films, and her ability and talent are clear.

For anyone interested, Aoi-chan's website "Aoi Town" is here. Click "Diary" to see her photo blog.

In any case, click here or on the image below to go to the full page, which gives pics of the main characters and their seiyuus, as well as some info about each seiyuu, with links to more.


digitalboy said...

>>since Aki is the moe voice of the moment in anime.

I'd like that to be true, but I think Kana Hanazawa is the moe voice of anime for the moment.

hashi said...

@digitalboy -- I prefer Kana's moe voice to Aki's, myself, but I think Kana's moe moment has passed, and she is becoming a more rounded seiyuu. Aki hit the top in K-On and remains there, so far, I think.

AnimeShippuuden said...

Thanks For Sharing!


Rei said...

I'm really on lookout for Yuuki now :P She's starting to shine a lot and has a good background of experience.
Maybe Hisako is Aki talking and then Kana in screaming? XDD