Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 Seiyuu Awards Results: Leak or Prediction?

Saitou ChiwaGoing the rounds on 2channel is a listing of winners of the 2009 Seiyuu Awards. But this comes a bit early, since the ceremony isn't until Saturday 6 March. Is it a leak, a joke, or a prediction?

It doesn't seem like a joke to me, since the winners all make some sense:

lead male: Ono Daisuke
lead female: Saitou Chiwa
supporting male: Nakamura Yuuichi, Okamoto Nobuhiko
supporting female: Inoue Marina, Satou Rina
new male: Irino Miyu, Maeno Tomoaki
new female: Hanazawa Kana, Toyosaki Aki
singing: K-On
personality: Tamura Yukari
overseas choice: Kamiya Hiroshi
Tomiyama Kei prize (for increasing visibility of the profession): Mizuki Nana
synergy prize: Gundam
other awards also listed

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Panther said...


Also someone needs to scratch Hiroshi Kamiya off the list. Please.

raizoo said...

>> personality: Tamura Yukari

Fake. Fake. Definitely fake if Yukarin actually wins that bloody award.

hashi said...

@raizoo -- I'm still trying to convince myself and others that the various anomalies in the awards come partly from actual popularity among the voting public.

@Panther -- Well, it won't be me. I think he's excellent, even if I don't love all his roles.

saya said...

Actually, I found in ANN that some of the winners are revealed

The article didn't mention who won in the major awards asides from the Kei Toriyama award. But it is stated that the rest of the winners will be announced on March 6.

hashi said...

@saya -- The awards mentioned there were also mentioned in the 2channel post. That gives me a bit more confidence in the names given on 2channel but not on ANN.

skchai said...

Seems like a prediction. Most of the choices are plausible, but the shinjins are a not new at all, so that's a little strange. Even with liberal interpretation of "new". Irino had a major role in DN Angel - seven years ago. As as I'm sure you know, Hanazawa was Ryoko in Zepagain, four years ago.

hashi said...

@skchai -- For the purposes of these awards, "shinjin" means debut within five years, so Kana-chan's okay -- but Irino-san lies outside the limit, since he actually played Parappa the rapper in 2001. Although he just turned 22, so I guess they might try to fudge the roles he had before he was 18.

@Panther -- I forgot to say that I agree completely about Chiwa to win this year. Perhaps that blinded me to the things skchai mentions, lol.

saya said...

ANN's source is this one:

Anonymous said...

On a not completely unrelated note, may I request that you guide me to a video of the 4th seiyuu awards? I've already found a 5-minute video of the 5th, but for some reason, I can't locate the 4th one... (Just want to see the portion where they awarded Houkago Tea Time)

hashi said...

@anonymous -- Sorry, I can't find one either. I searched 声優アワード (Seiyuu Awards) on YouTube, Google video, and Nicovideo.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* same here. Tch. If only I were this interested in anime during that time. I should have watched the live broadcast. XD

Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh, which reminds me, do you know who the nominees were for the 5th seiyuu awards? I couldn't find that either. And is it possible to know hoe many votes they got??