Saturday, February 06, 2010

Drawings by Seiyuus Yuuki Aoi and Kitamura Eri

Kitamura Eri is known to draw very well. But young Yuuki Aoi seems to be no slouch herself.

In her blog, Yuuki (she likes to call herself by her slightly unusual surname) posted a picture of a little panda figure that her father brought back from a business trip to China, and put beside it a drawing she made of the panda as a boy about 12-13:

Then she posted a couple of drawings that Kitamura Eri had done: one of Yuuki herself (left), and one of Yuuki as Mina in Dance in the Vampire Bund:

Yuuki and KitaEri act together in Vampire Bund and Yumeiro Patissiere, in both of which Yuuki stars. I think that 17-year-old Yuuki is excellent in both, especially in Vampire Bund. KitaEri is just 22, but is already a veteran seiyuu and has become very successful in the past couple of years, ranking among the top twenty seiyuus in terms of episodes acted in last year.

To tell the truth, I think that Yuuki's drawing of the panda-boy looks a bit like Sawashiro Miyuki, with whom Yuuki starred in Kurenai. The words on Eri's drawing of Yuuki say: Aa-chan." Even though Yuuki-san refers to herself as "Yuuki," most other people call her variants of "Aoi-chan."

Left, Kitamura Eri. Right, Yuuki Aoi:


bmk said...

Have to say Kitamura Eri's drawings look really impressive to me. Look really nice.

hashi said...

@bmk -- Oh, yes. Here is KitaEri's blog, where drawings show up from time to time.

And here is her archive site, with lots of drawings from past years.

Someone on 2channel posted a drawing by Inoue Marina, saying hers were the best of all.

Rei said...

o wow! KitaEri's really pro O_O!! Her tone and thickness is striking *_*

Andrew said...

Hmm, has anyone ever considered soliciting Eri for character designs in a future anime production?

hashi said...

@Andrew -- I checked KitaEri's ja.wikipedia page and didn't see anything about that. But I did see that she and a couple of other women had a circle at Comiket winter 08, under the name of Eringi えりんぎ, which is the name of a kind of mushroom.

As you probably know, she has close ties to Akihabara and talks about anime and game characters and figures on the radio all the time (apparently, since I haven't listened to her). She is known as OtaEri ("Eri the otaku").

j1m0ne really likes her radio and seiyuu work and writes about her from time to time in her blog.