Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seiyuu Romance Rumors

Here's a list from 2channel of "common-knowledge seiyuu couples." Almost completely without evidence, but fun to contemplate. Just to make this even more like a tabloid rag, I've included photos.

Kamiya Hiroshi (34) and Saitou Chiwa (28). The story is that after a difficult divorce (from a mangaka), and then a devastating motorcycle accident, Kamiya found Chiwa was his true friend. Some of the detailed indications on this 2channel page make at least a bit of sense: he gave his girl friend a watch and Chiwa likes watches, etc. The two have worked together quite a bit, particularly as Kouhei and Hazuki in Tsukuyomi Moonphase and as Araragi and Senjougahara in Bakemonogatari.

Nakamura Yuuichi (29) and Inoue Marina (25). She is a capable and serious ojou-sama. His motto is "never be late" -- but he is apparently also highly sociable and the last to leave a drinking party. Looking at this site, for instance,this seems to be a rumor with some reasonable circumstantial evidence behind it.

Taniyama Kishou (34) and Tomatsu Haruka (20)
. Well-known rocker Taniyama was previously (and probably spuriously) linked with Hirano Aya. At least the stories are consistent: the old satyr and the slim and genki young entertainer.

Hino Satoshi (31) and Nakajima Saki (31). Shana's foil and Saki from Hayate.

Ono Daisuke (31) and Tamura Yukari (33). Two mature, capable, and successful seiyuu.

Terashima Takuma (26) and Itou Kanae (23). Teppei from Princess Lover and Amu from Shugo Chara.

Okamoto Nobuhiko (23) and Hikasa Youko (24). Layfon from Chrome-shelled Regios and Mio from K-On.

Irino Miyu (21) and Sanpei Yuuko (23)
. I think YuuYuu would wear the pants in this family. This match-up makes an interesting contradiction with the supposed yuri pairing between Sanpei and her old friend Koshimizu Ami. In fact, they have been showing up in each others' blogs somewhat less often in recent months.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa (26) and Katou Emiri (26). Yuuji and Hideyoshi in Baka to Test. Or Sugata in Sora no Otoshimono and Kagami in Lucky Star.

Suzumura Kenichi (35) and Sakamoto Maaya (29). Two of the beautiful people.

Washizaki Takeshi (36) and Iguchi Yuka (21). The smart radio/TV host and the young veteran who plays moe roles like Index.

Yoshino Hiroyuki (35) and Ueda Kana (29). Allelujah Haptism in Gundam00 and Saki in Saki. Kana-chan is a lot more mature as a person than are the moe characters she tends to play.

Sakurai Takahiro (35) and Mizuki Nana (30). If this is true, it's huge. The wildly popular Nana-chan and a star seiyuu who remains under a bit of cloud for plagiarizing a live drama he helped produce a couple of years ago.

Tachibana Shinnosuke (31) and Sakuno Airi (25)
. Not so well known, but they both work for big agency Production Baobab. She plays mainly unnamed roles. He was Minato in Sekirei.

Nabatame Hitomi (33) and Itou Shizuka (29). At least there's one yuri couple that may actually be a couple. Two strong women who are top professional voices.

Morikubo Shoutarou (35) and Nakahara Mai (28). Shou-chan is one of the foremost boys-love seiyuus. Mai-sama -- who just seems to get better and better at what she does -- was formerly linked with Shimizu Ai in a (fake) yuri relationship.

Just to repeat: I have no knowledge that any of these relationships actually exists. This post is just for fun. My only basis is an otaku's post on 2channel.


bmk said...

A lot of interesting couples from this list.

Ono Daisuke and Yukari Tamura would be an intriguing couple to look at. Same with Nabatame Hitomi and Itou Shizuka. The Katsura sisters together. Sweet.

Really hoping the Taniyama Kishou and Tomatsu Haruka couple isn't real. My head (and my heart) wouldn't be able to take it. Haha.

Seishi said...

Hitoshizuku won the post. I've been supporting this for a long time.

raizoo said...

>> Ono Daisuke (31) and Tamura Yukari (33)
Tamura Yukari (17) wwww

But yeah, ever since they did those two? episodes of Kuroshitsuji radio, I kind of thought "Oh, they'd be cute together!"... Even though Yukarin said Ono-D x Kamiyan on Kurousagi. Maa, whatever makes my hime happy~

Shana-nee said...

Yeah, Yukarin (17) :)) :))

The one with Nana and Sakurai had died along time ago, and was proven false,... or something. XDDD

I thought Yukarin was for Nana? I mean.. Sanpei Yuuko was for Koshimizu Ami? XDDD

Thank you for these rumors, now I am aware~~ XD

Panther said...

If any of them are even true (aside from Nabatame and Itou, which has been true since forever) it is going to be quite the hullabaloo lol.

Please do not let Inoue Marina's and Katou Emiri's be true. :(

RP said...

Nooo!!! Not Haruka Tomatsu! My dreams will never accept that she's in a relationship with anyone else. =P

Kitsune said...

Well, this one is the best imo :)

MysticEyesOfDeathPerception said...

These are probably fake. No way in hell is my Shizuka Itou a lesbian.

Kurogane Shiroikaze said...

The Yukarin x Ono-D pairing really cracked me up, LOL.

hashi said...

I am poking around looking for more info, and so far the one with the best circumstantial evidence is Inoue Marina and Nakamura Yuuichi: I added a link in the text that talks about things like them having similar sofa and bed in backgrounds in pics on their blogs, and both talking about construction starting across the street from their apartments at the same time.

Itou Shizuka and Nabatame Hitomi have done a yuri comedy schtick together for years, and had pictures taken in a wedding gown (Itou-san) and tux (Naba-sama). But it may also have some truth in it. Hard to say.

Kitsune's little video of Paku Romi and Kugyu's conversation is hilarious. Romi is so smart and strong. I have read Kugyu saying something like how much she enjoys going over to Romi's place and being cooked for when she feels down.

Aki-fan said...

If this list was real, a lot of fans would have their hearts broken...

Anonymous said...

not Tomatsu.......

Julius_Firefocht said...

Kamiya Hiroshi (34) and Saitou Chiwa (28): Makes sense.

Nakamura Yuuichi (29) and Inoue Marina (25): Errr.. a bit hard to believe but still plausible.

Taniyama Kishou (34) and Tomatsu Haruka (20): Not sure where's the link...

Hino Satoshi (31) and Nakajima Saki (31): I thought Satoshi-san is stuck with Kugyuu?

Ono Daisuke (31) and Tamura Yukari (33): LOLWUT???

Suzumura Kenichi (35) and Sakamoto Maaya (29): All but confirmed, IMO. Just waiting for them to get married.

Sakurai Takahiro (35) and Mizuki Nana (30): Don't think its true, but yeah, its huge if it is. Nana's fans around the world will commit seppuku if this ever gets confirmed.

hashi said...

@Kitsune: I just saw this in a 2channel thread: "Hino Saki sounds better than Hino Rie. And Paku Rie sounds better than Hino Saki." Lol.

@Julius Firefocht: Excellent informed comments. The only shows I can see in common between Taniyama and Tomatsu are Basquash and Zettai Karen Children. I actually found the connection with Aaya a bit more plausible, considering what kind of music she seems to like.

There's an entire 2ch thread about the connection between Hino and Nakajima. Not convincing, but there is a bit of evidence.

andrew said...

Huh, I thought Marina Inoue was in a yuri relationship with Nana Mizuki, at least according to JimOne. (PS: She has a new blog now.)

Interesting to see that Shizuka's rumors might be true, though. (I've heard Marina might also be part of her yuri harem.)

Anonymous said...

''Suzumura Kenichi (35) and Sakamoto Maaya (29). Two of the beautiful people.''

OKAYY.. Did I eat too much Häagen-Dazs today?!

Anonymous said...

"Suzumura and Sakamoto: two of the beautiful people"

I most wish that this romance would be real.^-^
Not only that they have such good chemistry behind the mic, but also bc they are so cute together and would make a great couple.
Thanks for this, it's quite interesting. There are some couples I would have never thought of. Like Yoshino and Ueda, Morikubo and Nakahara, Ono and Yukari...o_O

purin said...

Going back to this seiyuu romance rumor post which was more than a year ago... it's funny now that I look at it... it was announced on their respective blogs that Suzu and Maaya have recently gotten married, confirming their relationship. Those two beautiful people make a wonderful pair. ^_^

hashi said...

@purin -- I do keep looking around for info on any of these, or new pairings, but without a lot of success. Until Sakamoto Maaya and Suzumura Kenichi announced that they were married on 8 August.

I did read a recent a recent blog post from Itou Shizuka saying that she hadn't seen Naba-sama in a while, so perhaps that was just "for show."

AyA said...

About Sakamoto Maaya and Suzumura Kenichi is true... They already married... Wish they will be happy...

M.L.C.M. said...

Oh.. Interesting post.

One already confirm, what about the other/

Okamoto Nobuhiko (23) and Hikasa Youko (24)?! Really? =_= But, I just saw recently in a website Okamoto Nobuhiko is dating Ayana Taketatsu? Hmm.. But it seems not true.. What do you think?

purin said...

Just wanted to lay the Saitou Chiwa and Kamiya Hiroshi rumor to rest.

Saitou Chiwa announced recently that she had married a normal man not from the industry. Plus, there are rumors that Kamiya is a player...o_o;

taichikun14 said...

Wow so Suzuken and Sakamoto got married and today Hinocchi announced that he and Nakajima got married! It has been years since these rumors went around with almost no proof, but still they turned out to be true!

Anonymous said...

That is so weird/cool about suzuken and maaya and then again with hino and nakajima