Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tanaka Rie and Sanpei Yuuko Exchange Birthday Presents

Seiyuu Sanpei Yuuko turns 24 on Sunday and she has already received presents from Tanaka Rie. In fact, they have exchanged presents: RieRie turned 31 on January 3.

YuuYuu gave Rie a Samantha Thavasa pendant, in the shape of a cake. Rie gave Yuuko -- whose mascot is a yellow duck -- a yellow Care Bear phone-strap, yellow stockings, and frilly yellow panties:

Yuuko has been close friends with Koshimizu Ami for many years, and has had a pretend (?) yuri relationship with her. But rumors that Yuuko and Irino Miyu are an item, and now her friendship with the glamorous RieRie, make it look as if things are changing.

Tanaka-san's best recent performance was as Liang Qi in Canaan. Sanpei-san is great as Chizu-chan in Kimi ni Todoke. Here are pics of Tanaka Rie (left) and Sanpei Yuuko:

Info and pictures from Yuuko's and Rie's blogs.


waiglo said...

Lol I was sort of shocked when I read on Sanpei's blog about Rie giving her yellow panties.

I guess Sanpei and Koshimizu have grown out of the yuri? At least they're not as showy about it as before. They've started a seiyuu unit recently and videos are posted every few weeks. They still get along very well. That will probably never change.

hashi said...

@waiglo -- Maybe not "grown out of it." Maybe it was all just publicity from the start. Or maybe they are concealing it more for the sake of public image now. Sanpei is a much bigger name now than she ever was before.

Another weird little fact: Sanpei comes first by far in the most recent thread of the 2channel forum "Seiyuus you want to have sex with."