Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hirano Aya in Hospital Twice Recently

Hirano Aya's blog postings have slowed down recently, and there is a reason: she has been in hospital twice over the past three weeks.

The first time was in late February, when she was in briefly owing to "complications from a cold."

The second time was last week, for what she called "gastroenteritis."

She added darkly: "I was emotionally done in, perhaps following a change of surroundings. That's all I'll say right now. Sorry to have made you worry."

It certainly makes me think of the time in late 2006, when she was off work for a month. And of the Hirano Aya Only TV episode where she went for a full examination at an anti-aging clinic and was told she had the constitution of a 40-50 year old. She is 22. In that examination, she said that she normally has dinner around ten p.m. and goes to sleep after two a.m., then gets up at seven a.m. One often sees blog posts she has made at 4 a.m.

Aya has long said that she was no good at sports in school, and often sat out gym classes. But she continues to drive herself in her live performances, and to work more or less around the clock.

At the moment, she is featured in the continuing shows Fairy Tail, Seikon no Qwesar, and Jewelpet.

Here are various pics from over the past two months or so. Left, the amount of hair she was shorn of when she went to the hairdresser to get the haircut shown at top, after her first stay in hospital. Right, a photo from earlier this year.

Here are some photos from the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi road show last month. First, the whole crew. Sugita Tomokazu (Kyon) on the left with the interesting peace sign; Ono Daisuke (Itsuki) front right; Shiraishi Minoru, back left; director Takemoto Yasuhiro back right; chief director Ishihara Tatsuya back centre:

Next, with Gotou Yuuko (Mikuru) and Chihara Minori (Yuki):

With Kuwatani Natsuko (Asakura):

With Aoki Sayaka (Kyon's sister) and with Matsuoka Yuki (Tsuruya-san):

And finally two shots of Aya, just because:


Savofenno said...

Wish she learns to take care of her health better. The usual: she needs to sleeP WELL 8 hours daily, she has to eat better, and MORE!
And say NO to too much work, otherwise she risks short career because of continous exhaustion.
She look reasonably well in attached photos, but somewhat underweight.
It shows in her thin face.

bmk said...

Really hoping Aya gets better and those are just two isolated incidents, but her health continues to concern me. First heard about this on j1m0ne's blog and I was waiting to see a post from you here, hashi.

While I love that she works so hard for her career, I wish she would find a little more time for sleep and to care of herself. But my guess is Aya doesn't know anything else than working around the clock.

Rei said...

She needs more sleep and needs to take care of herself more ;_; she's putting too much work ahead of her. I really hope she gets well soon and really wish her condition improves rather than take a turn for the worse :(

Andrew said...

Yeah, perhaps she should take this as a sign. We all have to admire her spirit and energy, but she's still only human and should know her limits.

JimOne said she (Aya) had her appendix removed recently. Did you hear about that? How long ago was it?

I didn't realize Yuko Goto was so tall, at least compared to Aya and Minori. (But then, I know Aya's rather short.)

abandonedfactory said...

Totally agree with comments here. I hope she takes better care of herself. We're gonna want her healthy and active for many years to come.

hashi said...

@Andrew -- I don't recall clearly, but I think the appendix was years ago. I just checked j1m0ne's blog post and she didn't say it was recent.

As for height, Gotou's personal website says she's 160cm (5'3"). ja.Wikipedia says Hirano is 159cm (5' 2-1/2+"). I've never thought Hirano was short in Japanese terms. But I did think Gotou was taller than that. Maybe just because of photos I've seen of her on her motorcycle, lol.

ja.Wikipedia says Chihara Minori is 157cm (just under 5'2").

azng33k said...

damn, gastroenteritis. good thing she didn't up like president zachary taylor. ^^

dingmajiao said...

Right now there's a blank in her updates on your blog..

Nothing since the last post about the hospital admission..

Doesnt look good for me..

Anonymous said...

Why bother taking care of yourself? I mean, who needs that much sleep when you have fans/agents/etc.. clamoring for your attention, 24-hours a day.

It's her own fault for being a celebrity doormat. I don't even know what she does that makes her so famous.. I found this blog on an unrelated search and just happened to recognize her face.

I mean don't get me wrong, it sucks.. I just don't see how you can have a ton of sympathy for anyone lacking self control.

Anonymous said...

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