Thursday, March 11, 2010

Katou Emiri and Fukuhara Kaori -- Nail-Art For Spring

Nail-art is a recurring theme on seiyuu blogs. Not as recurring as food, of course, but recurring. According to seiyuu Katou Emiri's blog, every month she and Fukuhara Kaori go together to get their nails done.

The two seiyuus have been good friends since they played the Hiiragi sisters -- Kagami and Tsukasa -- in Lucky Star. Here they are during rehearsals for a Lucky Star live event not too long ago (Emirin left, Kaorin right):

They went to the nail studio together at the end of last month. For spring, Emirin chose a pale look for her nails, with a white fringe, small red and green stones, and tiny butterflies on the nails with green stones:

I'm not a huge fan of nail art, but I think this is pretty -- and unobtrusive. Kaorin chose a stronger aqua color for the energy of spring, scattered with clear rhinestones:

The same day, they "did maintenance on our powerstones." They have bracelets whose stones they change to gain energy and good luck from stones that match the month or mood or season. This time, Emirin put some pale stones between the basic crystal stones that make up the bracelet:

Emirin says they went afterwards and ate curry at a favorite cafe, then both bought packets of sauce to use at home in the future. A few days later, when Emirin texted Kaorin that she was using the sauce that night, she was amazed to find that Kaorin was doing the same. "Even though I've heard that good friends tend to act alike," wrote Emirin on her blog, "I was really surprised."

When they got together this time, they were both wearing pale colors. The time before, they dressed alike, too, says Emirin.

Here are candid shots of the two women from their respective blogs. Emirin left, Kaorin right:

And here are a couple of more formal publicity shots, Emirin left, Kaorin right:

Right now, Emirin is appearing in Baka to Test as both the extremely popular trap character Hideyoshi and as his twin sister Yuuko. She is also playing Isuzu in Ookamikakushi. She will play Sekine in Angel Beats!, a new anime starting net month.

Kaorin starred in Charger Girl Juuden-chan last year, as well as playing Koromo in Saki, among other roles. She will co-star in the OVA Ashiaraiyashiki no Juunin-tachi, which comes out on March 25.


furei kinoko said...

that phone.... Katou and Fukuhara-san is enjoying themself

Rei said...

O.M.G. THE PHONE IS DO WANT T_T!!!! AHH and very pretty nails indeed :D

hashi said...

@Rei -- From the exif info, that is a Docomo SH-01a, made by Sharp. Not sure if there is an equivalent for outside Japan: 8mpx camera: 16:9 screen, TV tuner, virtual Dolby 5:1, GPS, etc.

Andrew said...

Wow, Kaorin and Emirin have some of the most...spectacular nails in Japan between them.

That shot of Emiri seemingly lying in a pool of blood scared me a bit at first.

hashi said...

@Andrew -- Lol. It's a bear rug, isn't it?

And I think there may be more spectacular nails in Japan.

hashi said...

On second look, maybe a steer?